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30 July 2007

Family, Friends & Food

Johnny was running late this morning, so I got up and got a lunch together for him {yeah, I know! I don't get up that early!!} But I did today! Took the paper out to the swing, read it, and fell asleep!! For two hours!!

At noon, I went and picked up one of my dearest friends, Lynne Griffies, for lunch and we had the most delicious time downtown at my favorite soda shoppe! Later, we rode out to see the progress on Jenny and Brandon's house and admired the awesome view. Our time together was spent laughing, sharing, eating and laughing some more! Lynne is such an easy person to be around and we always pick up where we left off. If you look way over to the right and see Griffies Growth, that's Lynne's son Tony and his family~and the twin grandbabies coming in October!! Lynne & Allen are so excited to be getting a grandaughter AND a grandson! At one time! And I am so happy for them. They are in for such a treat!

Isn't it simple, but such pleasurable!, fun to be with someone that loves to laugh and enjoys life as much as you?! Especially when that someone loves to eat for the pure joy of the tasting of good food!! When Lisa McMichael and I joined Weight Watcher's several years ago, they kept saying, "Now let's talk about why we eat." Lisa and I always looked at each other, giggled, and affirmed, "Because it tastes good!!"

After taking Lynne home I got back and fixed a quick meal for Johnny {I HAVE to stop and tell you what it was!! Pork slices, fresh peas, fresh squash, brown rice, and fresh tomatoes. Is that not too good!!}. Then we headed out to Brandon and Jenny's to help with the house. Well, let me clarify this statement. THEY worked, I played with Noah and Ian. {Yeah, I'm smilin'}

The felt is on now and almost all of the windows are in place and the bricklayer comes tomorrow! Jenny had her wheelbarrow this evening cleaning up around the outside while we grandmommies kept the little ones happy. It was so relaxing. For me, anyway!! Jenny found some maypops {how many of you remember maypops!!!} so we introduced them to Ian, who found it easier to stomp on them. He laughed each time one popped. Afterwards, up at their apartment, John and I sat with the boys while Jen showered and changed. Noah fell asleep in my lap and, naturally, I was in Heaven while Johnny read Ian a book.

Coming home John & I shared how blessed our family is. Not just the two of us, but our daughters and their families. We all have supportive extended family members, tried and true friends, our health, and in so many countless ways He continues to enrich our existence.

So this has been my day~family, friends, and food. Wrapped up in the richness of His love, which brings it all back to my faith. Have a blessed Tuesday and remember to look for the moments that really matter. ~until

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Leah said...

Nancy, I loved this blog. I could feel your happiness as I read it! I love friends like you described with Lynn...people you don't have to be in contact with constantly and when you are it's as if no time had passed since you were last with them!