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22 July 2007

Friends, Family, & Fun

It's been an enjoyable weekend. But then, most of my weekends are. I can't remember many weekends that weren't nice. Which is a good thing! God is so merciful to allow our brains to concentrate on the beautiful memories and allow the others to fade. I've always believed that we have the choice to choose. I choose to celebrate~to love~to laugh.

Saturday I spent a couple of hours with a dear friend. Deborah welcomed a three year old chocolate cocker spaniel from a family that couldn't keep him inside any longer. I think it was love at first sight. Turner was a much loved pet and it shows. He fell right into Deborah's arms and was settled in by the time I left. You can see the happiness on her face and Turner seems very content. They'll be good for each other.

Brandon and his family came over after worship and we were able to have good food, great company, and lots of laughter. Noah is like a baby bird-he wants any and all food. He's funny to watch, as long as you're not the one feeding him! If you happen to be the one, it's YOU he'll get impatient with should you linger too long getting food to his mouth. Jenny gave him some small pineapple chunks and he was so funny pushing those little things around trying to get his fingers to close on one. Ian decided he wasn't hungry and played with the table decor. Can grandparents be any more in love?! If you don't have any, the best is yet to come. I promise you.

The week, which up until yesterday was somewhat empty, is filling up! So many fun things are going to be happening! I'm looking forward to each day and will share bits and pieces with you. Hmmm, Bits and Pieces. Sounds like the name of another blog! Rest assured that what you think determines what you hold. So guard your thoughts, keep them positive and dream big dreams! ~until another time
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