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05 July 2007

Our 4th of July celebration

We had such fun this 4th of July! Good food, good company, and lots of laughter. The weather cooperated, the fireworks phenomenal, and clean up was a breeze~enjoy pictures from the day!
This is our grandson, Ian, with Matthew {the grandson of one of my best friends}. When I asked what they were doing, Ian replied, "We're riding the train, Nan!"
This is my sweet husband, Johnny, and my brother, Nelson. They were the designated cooks and they did a great job~ribs, steaks, and hotdogs for the kids! And let me tell you-when you have 5 grown men eating at your table, it's good to have lots of meat!! There was soooo little left over!
Jenny and her family~they live here in the Prattville area and helped to host. I always knew Jenny was a stronger woman than she thought, but my accident last year made her realize it herself. I love you, Jen~
As soon as I can get a picture from Snapfish, I'll post a picture of Deborah's family~can't figure out how to add it now, so it'll be a separate post .

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