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28 July 2007

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There's nothing like a call early in the wee hours of a morning to get your blood racing! Leslie called this morning with the news that her recently ex-boyfriend had been involved in a bad helicopter accident. Geoff is a flight nurse and loved it. I use the word 'loved' because he now says he'll never fly again. Leslie wisely cautioned him to wait until things are better before making a decision. She was told the pilot has serious injuries and the other medic is in critical condition. Thankfully, Geoff suffered only minor injuries.

What makes this doubly tragic is that Les saw Geoff quite by accident at the hospital just this past week. He didn't handle the encounter very well, got upset, didn't want to talk to her or see her. Now you have to understand that Leslie doesn't have to be in love with you to be nice to you, and it's always been her hope they would remain friends.

I tell you this in order to be oh so cautious when you speak last words to someone. It doesn't have to be a breakup, you may simply be going to the store, or work. Life is so brief and so unpredictable that angry words should never be the last words a person hears from your lips. Don't let that sin be on your heart. Strive to live peacefully with all men and let the words of your mouth reflect that.

What were the last words your friends and loved ones heard you say?

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Leah said...

Thank you for this! It really makes you think!