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29 October 2007


I'm home! I've been away for the weekend, but am home and getting settled in. A bit too tired for details, but I'll fill you in tomorrow~now it's time for some pizza, catch up on reading the papers, a hot shower, and a long nap! {Hope YOUR weekend was as much fun as mine! Can't wait to tell you about it!!} Here's a hint!

22 October 2007

Limes & Smiles

I love baked potatoes. And I love salads! So, about 20 minutes ago I decided to have both for an early supper. Got the potato in the microwave, got the butter and sour cream out. Now, you have to know that it's an unopened container of sour cream. When I popped the lid off, there's always another sealed wrapping to contend with. This particular wrapping, however, was different. It made a nice difference in my life and I hope it does yours~

The wrapping had the words, "When life gives you limes, rearrange the letters and give back a smile". I'm glad someone thought enough of the human race to do this. Someone wanted to pass on a smile. Now I've passed it on to you. It's your turn~

21 October 2007

Family & Fall

It's October and one of my favorite times of the year. Next to Winter, I truly enjoy the days of Fall. In central Alabama, we're blessed with changing colors and temperature changes. It's hard to imagine being happy where the weather is always the same. Now, I wouldn't mind living where you can count on enough snow to make a difference and summer temps that never get above 75 degrees!

I lived in Aurora, Colorado for awhile during the fall/winter season and absolutely loved it! Had conditions been different, I really think I'd have stayed and made a life there. I learned to snow ski and that it was possible to have snow on Mother's Day! And the Rockies ~ wow. If you've never seen them, you've missed a treat. They are so different from our Smokies, the two are not even comparable. It's one of my dreams to take Johnny to Snowbird, Utah one winter to see the view from a condo. Breathtaking view. Great food. Awesome.

Jenny took the picture this afternoon after lunch. A breeze caught my skirt and it looks like the crinolines I used to wear many, many years ago. I think this picture will become one of my very favorites of us. Me, and this man I love.

The week is already looking busy, but fun. The Holiday Market is this week and I have plans for that. Should be lots of fun!! It will be at Garrett Coliseum so parking won't be a problem and there's to be over 100 vendors!! This event just continues to grow. Prattville will have their Mistletoe Market November 2-3 this year at the Doster Center. Jenny and I have a tradition of going each year and then out to lunch. The good Lord willing, we'll do it again this year too!

I'll be posting a few other pictures that were taken today, but wanted to give Jen the chance to post them on her blog first. I hope your week will be filled with laughter and memory making moments. Until another time~

20 October 2007

Oh well~

Whoops, Tigers had eagle meat for supper tonight~can't say Johnny Hood is crying right now.

Need a can?

I like the Vols. Really, I do. But I like the Tide better. And we sure put a can of whupass on 'em today! Wow, I had a feeling Alabama would come out on top, but didn't think we'd be standing on their mountain tops! Now if the Eagle will just soar tonight!

17 October 2007

It's Halloween in Mississippi!

Stacey sent snapshots today of Austin and Alaina in their Halloween costumes. Of course, I have to show them to you! We weren't able to go see them this past weekend but hope to in the near future. It may simply be that we drive over, have pizza when everyone gets to Stacey's home, spend the night with Leslie, and leave coming back to Alabama the next morning. Not so much quantity time, but good quality time~and isn't that what's important? Here's the babes.

On another note, congratulations to a dear friend of mine, Lynne Griffies! Her son and his wife just had the first grandchildren~for both sides! Can you grandmothers out there remember what it felt like when that happened to you! I know that Johnny and I were over the moon when Stacey told us one Christmas trip that their 'junk room' would be a nursery. The following Mother's Day, Jenny gave me a card saying "I'm pregnant!" at the bottom! Christmas 2004 we had two grandsons to shop for, snuggle on, and ooh-and-ah over. Now it's Lynne and Allen's turn. The fun has just begun for them~

I love this time of year. Now, if it would just get cooler. And stay that way! La Nina apparently has a warmer and dryer winter ahead for us. Rats. I much preferred her brother, El Nino. The rest of my week is going to be filled with family, girlfriends, and food. Some of my very favorites! Here's hoping your week is filled with much the same~until,

15 October 2007

I was tagged!

I've been tagged, and THIS is my man~

1. Who is your man? Johnny Hood

2. How long have you been together? February 27th will be 25 years!

3. How long did you date? ONLY 4 months!! Very impulsive but, oh, so right!

4. How old is your man? 57

5. Who eats more? He does in quantity, but I enjoy the flavor of food more!

6. Who said "I love you " first? I did, then was afraid I'd said it too soon in the relationship. I have a habit of saying what I feel before I think. He felt the same, he's just a cautious individual.

7. Who is taller? Johnny is!

8. Who sings better? I think he does.

9. Who is smarter? He says I have book sense, he has common sense :) He also says he thinks with his head and I think with my heart so we compliment each other well.

10. Whose temper is worse? His! It takes more for me to get ugly.

11. Who does the laundry? ME! I don't want him washing our clothes! LOL

12. Who takes out the garbage? He does normally.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Johnny has always liked sleeping closer to the door, but since the recovery period I sleep better if I DON'T sleep in my regular spot. Yeah, I know. I'm working through these OCD's.

14. Who pays the bills? My ex-husband always took care of the bills, Johnny's ex-wife always did, so when we married neither of us was good at it. We manage :)
15. Who is better with a computer? Definitely me

16. Who mows the lawn? NOT ME!

17. Who cooks dinner? I cook, he grills~

18. Who drives when you are together? Johnny does. He's had way more tickets, but he gets critical and nit picky when I drive.

19. Who pays when you go out? Depends on who picks the check up first, usually Johnny.

20. Who is most stubborn? Ummm, I'd have to say me.

21. Who is the 1st to admit when they are wrong? me

22. Whose parents do you see the most? John's parents have both passed on, my dad has also crossed over, and my mother is busy these days.

23. Who kissed who first? It took him four dates, but Johnny kissed me first.

24. Who asked who out? Well, he was working a lot with UPS so our dates consisted of coming over to visit Jenny and me. In fact, we never had a date alone. We were either with his brother and his wife, or Jenny was with us. But he asked if he could come over :)

25. Who proposed? Johnny, after a 35 minute talk telling me what kind of wife he wanted. When he finally quit talking-and pacing around my dad's pool table-I asked, "Does this woman you're looking for have any particular color hair?" He smiled and said, "As a matter of fact, she's a blonde". aawww

26. Who is more sensitive? me, although he'll cry easily where our daughters and grandbabies are concerned

27. Who has more friends? we probably have about the same amount

28. Who has more siblings? we have the same

29. Who wears the pants in the family? Johnny Hood. I have opinions, but he's always worn the pants.

30. Any regrets? None at all. I'd marry him again~

***Kristen, Heather, and Kelly~you've been tagged! ***

11 October 2007

Fairs, Food, Fun & Family

A quick post to share some photos I got from our daughter, Stacey, this morning. They recently went to Mississippi's State Fair and had such fun. Here's Alaina catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders. She's a daddy's girl~and Austin loves corn on the cob! Looks like someone is too busy to be posing for momma!

Here's a shot of brother and sister riding together in what, I'm sure, is the Kiddie section of the fair. All of the pictures Stacey sent don't have the grime and filthiness that I saw at our State Fair the last time I went. Maybe it's because they're in the kiddie part, maybe it's because it's daylight. Hopefully, it's not because Alabama has less pride. But I'll withdraw any criticism since I haven't been in a number of years. Pictures in the Advertiser, though, seemed to back up me up.

One of the shots of Austin brought to mind a shot of Ian. I've posted them both here in order to show Pa this evening when he gets home. Maybe somebody needs a horsie at their house! Austin is riding at the Fair and Ian was at a local outing downtown. Think there's a horse in the future of one or both?!

I am so in love with these children. Or have I said that already? Have a blessed day~

10 October 2007

For the past three years, Brandon & Jenny have taken Ian to the Grand Old Pumpkin Patch. This year, Noah got to go! I love seeing the pictures and the smiles on the faces. You can visit The Maddox Family for more snapshots. Noah has pure glee on his face after coming down the Tiger Slide!

I hope to get some pictures soon of our Mississippi babes in their Trick or Treat costumes, and hopefully some fall snapshots as well. Johnny and I are so in love with these children of our daughters and so proud of the parents raising them.

The weekend should be cooler, and maybe bring some rain. My area is becoming very decorated with nature's bounty, along with scarecrows and owls! If you haven't visited downtown Prattville, I urge you to do so. It's truly worth the trip. Have a thankful Thursday!

08 October 2007

Take one
Obi Wan Kenobi.

Add one Yoda.

And what do you have???

May the Force

be with You!

{Thanks, Jenny, for some of the cutest pictures and for allowing me to share them with my friends.}

02 October 2007

Family & Falling Leaves

I saw this picture of an old greeting card and thought it quite odd that it shows leaves from our fall season, yet there are Christmas wishes noted. Makes me wonder where this card originated and who it was sent to~

Sitting at our local Cracker Barrel the other morning I began looking at the vintage shots of wedding couples and wedding parties as I waited on my breakfast. They were actual shots and I thought it sad that somehow these tintypes had gotten away from the family. Now I realize that one can't hold on to things forever, but at one time these couples were real and loved and laughed and cried just as I do. Now they're only pictures in a store and memories in, maybe, a family bible.

The weather is cooler and the leaves are beginning to fall at my house! And NOT because of the drought. They're turning colors and drifting down onto our deck. This is one of my favorite seasons and I wouldn't miss it for the world. So, "Greetings and Christmas Wishes"!