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31 August 2007

It's Raining!

It's raining, it's raining, it's really really raining! Wow, I went out to get the paper this morning and a dove was in the yard near the drive getting bugs! Didn't even react as I walked closer. In fact, it didn't even act as if I was there! Guess the much needed rain bringing out the ground insects overrides the need to fly away from a human figure in 'jammies. Either that or we have a deaf and somewhat blind bird outside!

Rain has such a beautiful way of refreshing not only the land but our hearts and souls. Who amongst us hasn't inhaled the scent of rain on a dry land and relished the smell? Johnny keeps talking about the need to cut the grass and trim the edges. I'm all for letting the weeds grow and just enjoying the brief respite from the dryness and the heat. May it continue to "come on down"!

27 August 2007

Faith & Friends~

You have GOT to go over to the right and click on Jon's Jots. It's a very uplifting and glorious video. It brought joy to my heart and I will pray that it does to yours also. Jenny has also written about a beautiful song that she's partial to. I think she's going to try and get it from Playlist so we can hear the music as well. You can check that out at Walking That Line. If you haven't visited the blogs I've listed, you should. I enjoy them and hope you're checking them out as well!

We were in Mississippi this weekend and I'll update you with stories and pictures at another time. ~until then, may you find peace, joy, and comfort in our Lord. Thanks to Jenny & Jon for passing these items out into the blogging world. May God continue to richly bless you both in your work for Him.

24 August 2007

Birthdays & Busy Weeks

It's been a busy week. Some high points, some low, some real low. But Saturday will be our grandson Austin's 4th birthday party and that's something happy to look forward to! I'm hoping the weather will cooperate, so the children won't get so terribly hot playing outside. With that said, I won't be online much this weekend. Have a safe one, a happy one, and always look for the good in others and the day itself. I pray we all have many moments of laughter~

21 August 2007

A Most Beautiful Guest Room~

I am so excited! Deborah and I got in her guest room today and made it ever more beautiful! We are so pleased with ourselves, and when I uploaded the pictures a few minutes ago to send to her, I just HAD to show it off to all of you!!

While we were in Chattanooga on the yard sale, we found a dealer with awesome old wood and iron decorative items. He lives in south, south Texas and drives into Mexico to buy it.
Then loads a huge truck and drives around the nation to craft fairs. I'd have to ask Deborah, but I believe he said this was his second time to the 500 Mile Yard Sale. He had some beautiful items and at very reasonable prices! Of course, Deb had to coax him down off his price and she succeeded!! Me?! I was willing to pay full price, but she got him to come down off mine too!!

We were looking for something she could use as a headboard in her guest room. When we saw these planters, we started bouncing ideas. After looking through his wares, she decided that the planters were going to be it. Brought them home, and today we got busy and hung them on the wall. Doesn't it look great?!! A little greenery, some favorite books, a treasured glass, more pillows, and voila~a beautiful oasis for guests to luxuriate in! I want to get her table out of our shoppe in Montgomery and once we get that back in and decorated, this will be ready for friends coming to see her this weekend. Don't you agree that you'd love to stay in a room this inviting??!!

PS~Thanks for letting me brag. And no, I haven't broken my arm yet patting myself on the back. Just talked to Deborah to tell her I'd mailed the pictures to her and her arm is just fine, too.

20 August 2007

Old Friends, New Memories~

A dear friend has just left our home after a short, but sweet, visit. We met Jim France many years ago but haven't seen him since we lived on Running Brook, some 6 or 7 years ago. It was great catching up with him and the dreams he's working on. Nelson is on vacation, which worked out really well. Everyone gathered here at our home for lunch Sunday and not only were the steaks good, but the laughter and fellowship were even better. Ian and Noah had the attention of two gramma's and three grampa's!! What an added bonus!! Memories were made and we all had such a good time.

Johnny had to work this morning, but Jim and I met Nelson and Stephanie for breakfast! Yummmm, pancakes and bacon at Cracker
Barrel!! Jim wasn't able to come for daddy's funeral, so Nelson took him to the gravesite and they reminisced about good times. Getting back to Prattville, they kept me in stitches trading stories and singing with Trace Adkins while we waited for Johnny to get home! Jose's Cantina was the site for an early dinner before Jim had to head off for business in Huntsville. Nelson left going home in Wadsworth and Johnny and I were left to recap the time spent with some very dear family and friends. The delicious food simply topped it all off!!

Wonderful memories were made for us this three-day weekend. Thank you Jim, for coming and leaving us all better for having spent time with you. I hope your dreams come true.

And I hope that those of you reading this have taken the time to make memories of your own. I like to believe that we're given the capacity to store memories in order to find comfort during those times we need them the most.

Thank you, God, for old friendships, the opportunity to forge new memories, and food to add the icing on the event. And to you, dear Jim, hurry back. We miss you already~

16 August 2007

Dry Days, Dry Grass

Oh, the frustrations of a drought. Mind you, I'm not talking the type of drought that turns thousands of acres into dust bowls. I'm talking the kind that turns flowers and small trees into brown statues and grass that crunches when you walk across it. This evening I went out to water my ivy and a few ferns that are still managing to maintain some sort of green. The ivy is doing great! The ferns are trying.
Listening to the news earlier, we heard that Texas is in for more rain. Rain they say they don't need! Wouldn't it be nice if we could just move it this way?! Then maybe the temperatures would break and the heat would go away for awhile! I'm sounding like one of those "the grass is always greener somewhere else". BUT, everyone's yard is just like ours!! Honestly though, I'm ready for cooler weather, wetter weather, and a break in the sound of the air conditioner running.

14 August 2007

Forever Friends~

For you, Jim. It was so good hearing your voice today and hearing that you're coming to stay a while! It won't be long enough, but it'll be such fun seeing you again. The menu is planned, the family has been called. All we need now is for you to walk up on the patio. Hurry, dear friend!

I'm so glad you're in my world. Here's to many more moments of laughter, shared news, and love!

13 August 2007

Birthdays & Babies~

Johnny & I will be traveling within the next few weeks to central Mississippi in order to celebrate with our oldest grandson. Austin turns 4 years old this month and we're excited to be going over for this occasion! It actually seems that just a Christmas or so ago his mother was telling us that the catch-all room in their home would soon be a nursery! Tears flowed with the excitement of entering the grandparent stage of our lives.

On the heels of hearing that Stacey was pregnant, came news the following Mother's Day that Jenny was expecting! Two! We would have two by Christmas!! Now we love our daughters and feel overly blessed to have them. But we did pray for at least one grandson! The very day that our first grandson was born, Jenny called with the news that she was carrying a son as well! Ian was born within four months of Austin's birth. To say that Johnny was excited to have two grandsons in one year is an understatement! His feet didn't hit ground for, well, they still haven't.

However~we do have a little girl to buy dolls and dresses for! Stacey & Brett now have Alaina, who will be two this December. She can hang in there with the boys, but loves to go shopping with the girls when we get together! Raising daughters I've decided, is much easier than little boys. Boys are all out there! They have to use all five senses, and then some, to experience life. And they want to use them all at one time! Whereas, little girls are observant, more contemplative, and have a much longer attention span!

Celebrating his first birthday this year is our youngest grandchild, Noah. Watching him learn to stand alone, inch along side the furniture, and pull up on everything and anything has made me realize just how rapidly Austin and Ian have matured. I'm not so sure I like that. And the delightful thing is, their mothers feel the same way! Not only were we blessed with beautiful little girls, but our little girls love their babies. They're not anxious for them to grow up and leave the nest!

I am so fascinated! Everything I feel for our three girls is intensified with these four babes. As a parent, one is caught up with work, finances, and "was I too strict?" or "was I too lenient?" As a grandparent, I just get to love totally, unabashed, without having to get caught up in the raising part. I have more time to just be there. It's impossible for me to lose interest in watching them and wanting to interact with them. I'd act like a complete fool just to hear one of them laugh. I'd reread a story a dozen times just to have one lean on me. I'd rock them for hours just to smell that sweet scent. How does one thank God enough for these little, captivating gifts?!

12 August 2007

Family & Birthdays

Tomorrow will be Johnny's 57th birthday. And I am so blessed to have shared the last 24 with him. We celebrated after worship today with Jenny and her family. It was fun, as always, and Jenny got a picture of us to commemorate the occasion. He looks a bit, hmm I don't know, something. Maybe it's because I was trying to sit on his leg! I'm not the 'pathetic refugee' that I was six months ago! Nope, the weight has come back just fine, thank you very much! If I had more will power, I'd be at Curves working myself back into shape. But what's willpower?!

Our weekend has been a good one. Yesterday Johnny spent all day at home! And for those of you that know us well, you know that just isn't something he does normally. He loves spending time in his brother's huge shop or on the lake with a fishing rod in his hands. This past week, though, he hasn't felt well and it's been so hot. He stayed on the couch most all day and I got to pamper him. It was an extremely relaxing afternoon.

I hope your weekend has been all you wanted it to be. And if not, I hope your week makes up for it. Oh, and find time to laugh! ~until

11 August 2007

Friends, Family & a Princess

Miss Emma Claire, such a sweetheart, and the grandaughter of a dear friend. Emma Claire's mother was a prissy little girl when I was the honored mother-to-be at a shower for Jenny. Angie was maybe 4 years old and her brother Kevin had just begun to pull up and walk around the edges of furniture. I have a picture of the two of them standing next to my chair as I opened presents from friends and family gathered at a very special time in my life.

Angie's mother, Deborah, and I attended the same congregation growing up and became friends years ago. In fact, I was still in grammar school. I guess you could say we knew each other when Angie and Jenny were just 'twinkles in our eyes'. That's how my mother always put it. Deborah
married and settled in the area. I married, moved off, moved back, and although I don't live in that area anymore, I do teach there and a part of my heart will always be there. Some things never change.

Today I watched as Angie's little girl walked and stumbled her way into hearts that were gathered at another home in another time. This time it was for a Pampered Chef show that my Jenny was demonstrating. It was indeed a strange moment in time as I
watched Jenny, now 27 years old, now a very skilled business woman and a secure adult. I only had to turn my head to see Emma Claire playing at Angie's feet. Angie, the same little girl that only yesterday stood at my side helping me unwrap presents. Didn't someone say once that 'time flies'? Or that 'time stands still for no man'?

It's a warm feeling to see the threads that run through generations. Ties that bind us close in relationships. Especially when I know with everything in my being that I will one day be resting in Heaven with these same people. They love the Lord as I do and they, too, have every intention of seeing Him one day. I'm so glad these four ladies are in my life.

09 August 2007


For those of you that haven't looked through the blogs I have listed to the right, I wanted you to know that I have another blog that's a bit different than this one. I call it Heartstrings. Visit and see what you think ~ and, as always, take some time for your faith, your family, and your friends. In that order.

08 August 2007

Sun, Sun, and More Sun!

I don't think it was this hot when I was growing up!! IT IS HOT! We lived with an attic fan and open windows before getting air conditioning my junior year in high school. Now, I cannot imagine life without a working a/c!! In fact, Johnny keeps our thermostat set on 72 degrees and our overhead fans circle all day every day!
Call it global warming or being spoiled, but something is different now. I recall being hot and getting sunburned. What I don't recall is this horrid humidity and three digit temps. In my dreams, I always lived in an area with snow on the roof of a quaint cabin or chalet. Ha That dream hasn't come true yet! And I don't see it happening in central Alabama any time soon. Having steamy summers is a normal part of our lives now, but I guess I'll always be a winter girl.
Johnny comes in drenched each day from work, our house is shuttered and dark against the sun, and my swing sits silent as I wait for cooler evenings to enjoy my reading time there. I've heard "the dog days of summer" all my life, but never knew what it meant. Does anyone know? A good hurricane would bring some much needed rain and cooler temps, but the relief it would bring would also cause suffering for others on the coast.
Here's hoping you're able to stay out of the sun during the day and have a cool place to sleep at night. Make sure you get plenty of water and check on the older people in your life. Heat stroke is a reality. Oh, and one more thing ~ THINK SNOW!!!

07 August 2007

Friends, Food, and Fun!

We're home from the 630 Mile Yard Sale! That's right~it's no longer the 500 Mile Yard Sale. Defiance, Ohio is now the ending spot for this much publicized annual event! There were travelers from all across the nation and it was everything Southern Living and HGTV said it would be. Yard sales, traffic, people, and more yard sales! It begins a short distance from Gadsden, Alabama and continues up the 127 Corridor. All the way to Ohio. Deborah and I decided to pick it up in Chattanooga, TN and we weren't disappointed.

Our trip began around 11 am Friday morning. Deborah had reservations for us at a historic bed & breakfast in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia. This small town, just a few minutes outside of Chattanooga, was the site of the 6th Regiment Army Calvery. You can still see many of the living quarters, barracks, and stables. Deborah loves b&b's and dreams of owning one. I had never stayed in one so I was looking forward to seeing what I had missed by being a hotel guest all these years!

The drive was interstate almost all the way. We laughed, talked, and laughed some more. Totally a girl trip! Ft. Oglethorpe may be only 7 miles southeast of downtown Chattanooga, but it's worlds away from the hustle and bustle! This entire corner of Georgia and Chattanooga is steeped in Civil War history and there is so much to do and see! I would strongly recommend this trip. If you haven't seen the Aquarium, you've missed the best. Then there's the art district, the Museum, Warehouse Row, and The Chattanooga Choo Choo not to mention the activities on the river front. Since we were there for the yard sales, we didn't do any sight seeing except what we saw from the trolley Saturday evening. But it warrants another trip back just to do what wasn't done! Hint, hint Johnny!!

The home we stayed in was formerly the Captain's Quarters at the fort and built in 1902. It is symmetrical and originally was divided into two separate living spaces. However recent remodeling has opened up the downstairs area. I believe there's a total of 10 bedrooms with baths and the house is filled with period furniture along with
the belongings of the world travelers that now own the property. Our room rate included a gourmet breakfast! I've never eaten breakfast like I did the two mornings we were there! Yum! We came home talking about the food we were served and look forward to getting the recipes and recreating them for our families.

I wish I had taken pictures of our hosts, Jim and Julie Powell. They were always interested in owning a b&b and have done a great job in keeping this home true to the period. They also have a beautiful golden retriever named Sadie that made the place a picture postcard!
I've decided staying in an inn is definitely nicer than a hotel. A bed & breakfast offers you a home atmosphere. The Powell's had two of their daughters visiting from Memphis, TN along with a grandson. We found we had lived in many of the same areas of the world and it was very pleasurable chatting with them, whether it was sitting in the library or having breakfast.

Our room was charming with yellow and blue wall paper. High ceilings and a working fireplace. The bathroom was sunny and had all the amenities of a hotel with lots of extras!! The television was small but we didn't watch it much anyway. Spending time on the porch swing and exploring the house was way more fun. Not to mention the bonus of taking a nap or eating a dessert in the dining room!
After breakfast Saturday morning, we headed out to Signal Mountain, northwest of Chattanooga. Traffic was heavy! HGTV had been there only an hour or so before us! Our favorite places to explore were tent sales set up in shaded areas and homes built with stones and archways. We didn't buy much, although had we been younger we would have! Both Deborah and I have homes that we've added to over the years and no longer find the need to purchase alot. She found three quaint iron and wood planters to use as a headboard arrangement and I bought an old window with leaded glass. My favorite purchase, however, is an iron and wood architectural piece that I plan to use in our guest bath! Deborah was great at getting the prices down. {I was too shy.}

We had hoped to eat at The Station, which is a delightful restaurant at The Chattanooga Choo Choo. We didn't have a reservation and the wait was an hour and a half, so we did the next best thing and hopped the free shuttle service to the downtown area. That turned out to be an experience within itself as we weren't able to find a place to eat that didn't have at least an hour's wait! We walked three city blocks down to the Aquarium and three back up the next street all the while trying to find a place to rest our weary feet and cure our hunger pains!

FINALLY, we lucked out and were able to get a table at The Bluewater Gill {I think that was the name of it!} It was a very nice place with great food. The chatter was lively and the crowd seemed to really be enjoying themselves. We skipped on dessert, waiting instead to have the chance of getting some homemade pie back at the Inn! We caught the trolley back to the Choo Choo, where we had parked. Next time I want to rent one of the horse drawn carriages we saw on the streets. The atmosphere of the city at night was one of happiness, slowness, and ease.
Upon arriving back at the inn we were able to visit with our hosts before retiring and getting some sleep! Need I tell you how our feet, ankles, and calves ached with all the walking of the day!
Leaving for Alabama the next morning was leisure, as breakfast was way too good to rush through! We both decided that one yard sale road trip is enough, but that staying in this particular home was definitely worth going back to. I think Johnny will really enjoy the home as well as the battle fields and historic area. It looks like our next 'girly' road trip will be to Market in Atlanta. This will just be an overnight trip, but one that neither of us has ever done. Another new experience!

It's always good to get home. On sad note, we realized upon reaching Deborah's home that someone had broken into her storage room, broken into my cute little car's fuel tank and stolen almost half a tank of gas, and there was evidence that her home had been entered. The Millbrook faithful were called and responded. We filled out police reports and hope that it won't happen again. As good as this world still is, there are those that continue to mess it up for those of us that strive to convince God to bless our nation.

So that was the Yard Sale trip! I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine and that memories were made for you and yours. ~until

05 August 2007

I'm Home!

I'm home from my weekend adventure and have pictures to share. However, I'm weary and ready to relax some. I promise once I've had my cereal with some fresh strawberries and peaches in the morning, I'll get started on a new blog! ~until

01 August 2007

Family, Friends, and Food (again!)

Lunch today was with Nelson and we had such fun. This was taken by a complete stranger, but she didn't mind and we were glad to have a souvenir of our visit. Nelson will always be the big brother I needed, even though I'm five years older. Not working outside the home since the accident has given me time with him and I'm so very thankful for that. He's a fantastic person and has such a beautiful heart. Can you tell I'm in love with him?

Before we left I managed to have a short visit with a dear friend, Ann Jennings, the manager of the gift area at our local Cracker Barrel. Ann and I go back many years and I taught her son, Kirk. She always makes me feel special and always keeps me informed of the sales at Cracker Barrel! Yes, not only do I love the food but I LOVE the gift store and have spent many hours and lots of dollars there! You just can't beat the Christmas sale!!! Okay, now you can forget I just said that! I don't want any of you to even dream of going to our Cracker Barrel the morning after Christmas! I'm sure Johnny will be glad you left it all for me. Of course it doesn't help that Christmas at our house is my very favorite time of the year!
Let me state it now~this weather is not cooperating with my love for Christmas and winter. I refuse to sweat, preferring instead to perspire. This humidity and heat makes that hard. I long for the cold. I pray for the snow. And I dare you to mention any more tales of your time at the Gulf!! To be so anti-heat, I sure picked the place NOT to live! Living in Denver was not only a beautiful place to live, but the temperatuars were great. I would've loved staying there, especially during these scorching months of July and August in central Alabama!

Friday, Deborah and I will be going to the 500 Mile Yard Sale that begins outside of Gadsden. We're excited and looking forward to this event. Southern Living has written about it several times, so we are going to see what the 27 Corridor looks like with yard sales lining the highway! I'll be back online Sunday night and update you with pics and posts of our time walking, shopping, laughing, and eating. Hmmm, three of my favorite things to do!! {And yes, you're right. It IS four things, but I only like the LAST three.}
To close out the evening, and this post, here's a picture taken yesterday during my outing with Jenny and her sons. While waiting for her to check out at Pier 1, I had a saleslady take a snapshot of Noah, Ian and me. Ian is standing in the stroller, hence his height!, and Noah just didn't care. It was a happy day and one for making heart memories. How many memories did you make today?
Oops, Johnny just called and he's on his way home. Time to go start supper! He worked overtime tonight, so he'll need more than a bowl of cereal. Normally, we eat around 4:30 and if it's later than that, we have cereal or maybe a sandwich. He'll be hungrier tonight, so I need to get something warm in the oven. Here's hoping your evening is a restful one and that you can find some quiet time. ~until