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12 August 2007

Family & Birthdays

Tomorrow will be Johnny's 57th birthday. And I am so blessed to have shared the last 24 with him. We celebrated after worship today with Jenny and her family. It was fun, as always, and Jenny got a picture of us to commemorate the occasion. He looks a bit, hmm I don't know, something. Maybe it's because I was trying to sit on his leg! I'm not the 'pathetic refugee' that I was six months ago! Nope, the weight has come back just fine, thank you very much! If I had more will power, I'd be at Curves working myself back into shape. But what's willpower?!

Our weekend has been a good one. Yesterday Johnny spent all day at home! And for those of you that know us well, you know that just isn't something he does normally. He loves spending time in his brother's huge shop or on the lake with a fishing rod in his hands. This past week, though, he hasn't felt well and it's been so hot. He stayed on the couch most all day and I got to pamper him. It was an extremely relaxing afternoon.

I hope your weekend has been all you wanted it to be. And if not, I hope your week makes up for it. Oh, and find time to laugh! ~until


Leah said...

Happy Birthday Johnny! Hope you guys have a great time celebrating!!

Jon said...

Tell Ol' Johnny Happy Birthday!! Make it one to remember!

Nancy Hood said...

ha ha He had to work until 6 and was tired! Tomorrow he said is another long day also. BUT the Bass Pro Shop opens Wednesday and he has birthday money to burn!!