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11 August 2007

Friends, Family & a Princess

Miss Emma Claire, such a sweetheart, and the grandaughter of a dear friend. Emma Claire's mother was a prissy little girl when I was the honored mother-to-be at a shower for Jenny. Angie was maybe 4 years old and her brother Kevin had just begun to pull up and walk around the edges of furniture. I have a picture of the two of them standing next to my chair as I opened presents from friends and family gathered at a very special time in my life.

Angie's mother, Deborah, and I attended the same congregation growing up and became friends years ago. In fact, I was still in grammar school. I guess you could say we knew each other when Angie and Jenny were just 'twinkles in our eyes'. That's how my mother always put it. Deborah
married and settled in the area. I married, moved off, moved back, and although I don't live in that area anymore, I do teach there and a part of my heart will always be there. Some things never change.

Today I watched as Angie's little girl walked and stumbled her way into hearts that were gathered at another home in another time. This time it was for a Pampered Chef show that my Jenny was demonstrating. It was indeed a strange moment in time as I
watched Jenny, now 27 years old, now a very skilled business woman and a secure adult. I only had to turn my head to see Emma Claire playing at Angie's feet. Angie, the same little girl that only yesterday stood at my side helping me unwrap presents. Didn't someone say once that 'time flies'? Or that 'time stands still for no man'?

It's a warm feeling to see the threads that run through generations. Ties that bind us close in relationships. Especially when I know with everything in my being that I will one day be resting in Heaven with these same people. They love the Lord as I do and they, too, have every intention of seeing Him one day. I'm so glad these four ladies are in my life.

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