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21 August 2007

A Most Beautiful Guest Room~

I am so excited! Deborah and I got in her guest room today and made it ever more beautiful! We are so pleased with ourselves, and when I uploaded the pictures a few minutes ago to send to her, I just HAD to show it off to all of you!!

While we were in Chattanooga on the yard sale, we found a dealer with awesome old wood and iron decorative items. He lives in south, south Texas and drives into Mexico to buy it.
Then loads a huge truck and drives around the nation to craft fairs. I'd have to ask Deborah, but I believe he said this was his second time to the 500 Mile Yard Sale. He had some beautiful items and at very reasonable prices! Of course, Deb had to coax him down off his price and she succeeded!! Me?! I was willing to pay full price, but she got him to come down off mine too!!

We were looking for something she could use as a headboard in her guest room. When we saw these planters, we started bouncing ideas. After looking through his wares, she decided that the planters were going to be it. Brought them home, and today we got busy and hung them on the wall. Doesn't it look great?!! A little greenery, some favorite books, a treasured glass, more pillows, and voila~a beautiful oasis for guests to luxuriate in! I want to get her table out of our shoppe in Montgomery and once we get that back in and decorated, this will be ready for friends coming to see her this weekend. Don't you agree that you'd love to stay in a room this inviting??!!

PS~Thanks for letting me brag. And no, I haven't broken my arm yet patting myself on the back. Just talked to Deborah to tell her I'd mailed the pictures to her and her arm is just fine, too.

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Leah said...

yes I she booking guests?? Ha Ha! I've got several rooms I'll let you at! Just tell me when! :)