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20 August 2007

Old Friends, New Memories~

A dear friend has just left our home after a short, but sweet, visit. We met Jim France many years ago but haven't seen him since we lived on Running Brook, some 6 or 7 years ago. It was great catching up with him and the dreams he's working on. Nelson is on vacation, which worked out really well. Everyone gathered here at our home for lunch Sunday and not only were the steaks good, but the laughter and fellowship were even better. Ian and Noah had the attention of two gramma's and three grampa's!! What an added bonus!! Memories were made and we all had such a good time.

Johnny had to work this morning, but Jim and I met Nelson and Stephanie for breakfast! Yummmm, pancakes and bacon at Cracker
Barrel!! Jim wasn't able to come for daddy's funeral, so Nelson took him to the gravesite and they reminisced about good times. Getting back to Prattville, they kept me in stitches trading stories and singing with Trace Adkins while we waited for Johnny to get home! Jose's Cantina was the site for an early dinner before Jim had to head off for business in Huntsville. Nelson left going home in Wadsworth and Johnny and I were left to recap the time spent with some very dear family and friends. The delicious food simply topped it all off!!

Wonderful memories were made for us this three-day weekend. Thank you Jim, for coming and leaving us all better for having spent time with you. I hope your dreams come true.

And I hope that those of you reading this have taken the time to make memories of your own. I like to believe that we're given the capacity to store memories in order to find comfort during those times we need them the most.

Thank you, God, for old friendships, the opportunity to forge new memories, and food to add the icing on the event. And to you, dear Jim, hurry back. We miss you already~

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