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08 August 2007

Sun, Sun, and More Sun!

I don't think it was this hot when I was growing up!! IT IS HOT! We lived with an attic fan and open windows before getting air conditioning my junior year in high school. Now, I cannot imagine life without a working a/c!! In fact, Johnny keeps our thermostat set on 72 degrees and our overhead fans circle all day every day!
Call it global warming or being spoiled, but something is different now. I recall being hot and getting sunburned. What I don't recall is this horrid humidity and three digit temps. In my dreams, I always lived in an area with snow on the roof of a quaint cabin or chalet. Ha That dream hasn't come true yet! And I don't see it happening in central Alabama any time soon. Having steamy summers is a normal part of our lives now, but I guess I'll always be a winter girl.
Johnny comes in drenched each day from work, our house is shuttered and dark against the sun, and my swing sits silent as I wait for cooler evenings to enjoy my reading time there. I've heard "the dog days of summer" all my life, but never knew what it meant. Does anyone know? A good hurricane would bring some much needed rain and cooler temps, but the relief it would bring would also cause suffering for others on the coast.
Here's hoping you're able to stay out of the sun during the day and have a cool place to sleep at night. Make sure you get plenty of water and check on the older people in your life. Heat stroke is a reality. Oh, and one more thing ~ THINK SNOW!!!


Leah said...

Dog days of summer...don't know? But I do agree...IT'S HOT!! TOO HOT! I need to run errands, but I don't want to get out in this heat. I'm thinking snow! :)

Kelly said...

Yes, I am not enjoying being so pregnant in this heat!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. :o)