And the sound this week is~

a few of my easy listening favorites~

30 September 2007

Familiar Favorites~

A few sights that bring me comfort during the days here at home~

Our front door set to welcome the cooler days of fall~

The view of our foyer during early afternoon~

Sometimes it takes very little to bring a smile to our hearts~here's hoping something around you is doing the same for you right now.

26 September 2007

Oh, Ian, Nan is so sorry~
I went over to Jen's this afternoon to see the progress on their new home~and there's been a lot!~and when we got back to their apartment it was time for the boys to lie down and take their naps. I asked Ian if I could lie down with him. We whispered and snuggled and he finally asked me, "Nan, will you stay here and when I wake up we can play?" Forgetting that Brandon's work hours are different, I whispered back, "Yes I will. Go to sleep, Nan will be here." And then!! after I dozed off I woke up remembering, "Brandon will be home at 4:30!!! And it was like 4:10!

I got up, got ready to leave and asked Jenny if she thought Ian would remember that I was going to be there. She said, "probably not". Wrong answer!!! Brandon called about 5:15 saying Ian wanted to talk to me. Well, he wouldn't talk. All I heard was sniffling. My heart cracked. Then Brandon gets back on the phone and says that yes, Ian did remember and that yes, he was crying. My heart broke then.

I feel horrible. He's too young to understand my reason for leaving. All he knows at this tender age is that his Nan said she would be there when he woke up~and she wasn't. I honestly think a public flogging would be easier to bear.

This whole incident~ that isn't important to anyone but Ian and his Nan~could've been handled two ways. One, I could've stayed until he woke up and hustled out without play time, in order to give Brandon and Jenny their family time, and he would've cried. Or two, I could've told him I wouldn't be there at which point he would've cried. Of course there's a third option, just don't lie down with him when he takes a nap. NOT. I wouldn't have missed that cuddle time for the world. You can bet, though, that I'll have a ready answer next time that will cover this situation! I'm sorry, my precious buddy. Nan won't be guilty of this again!

21 September 2007

20 September 2007

Looking back, moving forward~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEmotionally, it's been another up and down week. As time draws closer for the filing and appointments are made for the hernia repair, my headaches are increasing. The headaches bring about speech problems, which brings fears and anxiety. When I'm caught like this, it feels as if I'm on a roller coaster that no one understands, yet everyone wants to help.

Today was especially tough. I had two appointments that needed to be met but that I didn't want to go to. In fact, I've cancelled them over the last two weeks so often that Johnny threatened to call and see if I went to them. Two strangers came into my life with their expertise, their knowledge, their compassion doing what they can to help me heal. I want to say thank you to one in particular. Thank you for helping me to visualize the freezing of the heat. To stop the fire in my head. Something so simple yet so effective. In fact, I used it this afternoon and was able to put away the medication.

On a relaxing note, I met Jenny and the boys for lunch. If you haven't eaten at 3D Hot Dogs in downtown Prattville, you're missing a treat! They serve a wide range of hotdogs, gyros, and wraps, and this time of year you'll find pumpkins, spiders, and ghouls galore. It was such a great meal with laughter as we watched Ian wander around the decorated rooms.

Earlier this evening I had dinner with a girlfriend and we played catch up. I miss my classroom terribly and realize that the phrase "every one's expendable" to be so true. When I mentored teachers in the past, I always reminded them "Pay attention to your husband first, your children second, and this job last. You could drop dead tonight and your class would be taken care of by someone else, but your family would be devastated." That statement, my friends, is too true. I've seen my classroom. It looks as if I was never there. As if the last 21 years never happened. I didn't realize it would shake me to the core.

Okay, I've rambled and I've taken my two minutes of whining. I'm not crazy about the idea of trying to sleep tonight. Too much has been talked about today. Too much is still ahead. But I know this. The sun will come up in the morning. There will be laughter at the end of the phone line should I call a friend or one of our daughters. And so it goes. This too, shall pass away~

18 September 2007

Forever kind of friends~

I have known Melynda Buck since she was in high school, but we became better friends when she came to my classroom needing advice concerning her baby girl. Kaylin was in second grade and her parents were considering transferring her to our school. The answer was easy. Kaylin came to Holtville and she came into my room. That led to a warm relationship with four of the sweetest people you could ever meet.

One of the last things I remember about April 21, 2006 is Tim Buck coming toward me with an arrangement of flowers. For me! And I was only having an outpatient procedure! I'd been their daughter's teacher for a short amount of time and here he was. With flowers and words of encouragement for my husband and me.

Throughout the next 77 nightmarish days, many friends visited, prayed and supported my family. Tim and Melynda were two such friends. During my recovery period at home, she came and sit with me. Each time, she left a cooked meal. This past Sunday was her birthday. It was a pleasure to celebrate with her. Our relationship continues to bring smiles and warmth to my heart.

Have others come into your life and lingered long enough to become a beautiful part of your world? Did you recognize them as filling a special need? Almost as if He knew there was a place in your life for such person.

Happy Birthday, Melynda. I'm so glad I know you~and we're blessed to have you in our world.

16 September 2007

Curlieques & Girly Girls

Today was such fun. Busy, but fun! It began with a Pampered Chef show I was hosting for our daughter, Jenny. Well, two people showed up! But the two that did brought such smiles and laughter with them. Melynda Buck was one and she brought three of my babes from Holtville!! I glimpsed her daughter, Kaylin, through the front door and opened it to find Reagan and Jacey!!! I was so excited! Melynda showed up two hours early, which ended up being so helpful to me. This week has been a very up and down week for me emotionally and by 3 pm my nagging headache had escalated into the kind that leaves me in a confused and stammering mess. However, going outside with the girls, a coke, and some medicine helped ease it and we got some really cute pictures.

Thank you, Lynne L. and Melynda, for coming. And thank you to those of you that responded saying you couldn't make it! That helped when trying to decide how much food to buy! I still bought extra as I wasn't sure who else might come, but that's a good thing, now, BECAUSE
it's Melynda's birthday tomorrow!! She's coming BACK to celebrate her birthday along with Brandon, who turns 28 Tuesday!! I can't wait. It's always a treat to enjoy a family member's special day, but to have the added pleasure of Melynda and her family will be the icing on the cake!! Well, in this case, the topping on the dessert pizza! Ian loves to "toast!" and we'll do it twice tomorrow! Or rather, today, since it IS already 1 AM as I write. I'm not sleepy. Yet. Tired, but not sleepy. It was exciting having two girlfriends come in for food and laughs, three little munchkins that came for hugs and giggles, and Johnny & Nelson who got together to yell during the Auburn game and later for Alabama's win. Today has made for a happy kind of tired that keeps you wired for a while.

Here's hoping your day will be as happy as the one I'm fixing to have~look for new pics and details soon!

12 September 2007

Snuggles & Snoozes

I bet you can guess who I saw today! Jen called and she was out looking at carpet samples. Since I was out running errands, we met for lunch. I got some mommy time with Jenny and snuggle time with Noah! To top it off, we took a nap on the loveseat before Jenny left to pick Ian up from day school. It's been a beautiful day. I hope yours has too~

Oh Baby!

Vote for Noah! In the Montgomery Advertiser, they told of an upcoming baby contest. I passed the info on to Jenny and Brandon and you can vote at the site shown below. Or, you can go to the Montgomery Advertiser and you'll be directed to the site for Oh Baby! You can enter 1 FREE baby vote a day! Here's the message found on Jenny's website:

"... we’ve entered Noah in our local paper’s “Oh Baby! photo calendar contest”. You can vote 1 time each day for free. This is a fund-raising campaign, so after the 1 free vote you can donate $5 for 20 votes. About half-way down you’ll see a link that says “Free Vote: Click Here”. Click on that and enter “Noah Maddox”. To see Noah’s picture, go to “Gallery N” and Noah is on the 2nd page!"

To enter a free vote, click on: OH BABY
PS~I didn't have the picture that is shown on the web site, so here's another one of our little sweetheart.

09 September 2007

"A baby will make love stronger,
days shorter,
nights longer,
bankroll smaller,
home happier,
clothes shabbier,
the past forgotten,
and the future worth living for”
~A. A. Milne
Congratulations, Anita~
Welcome to the sisterhood of grandmothers!

08 September 2007

Computer Craziness~

Looks like my computer is on its way to Brandon's tomorrow. I keep getting a message that indicates there may be serious problems. I hope not!! I've already experienced withdrawal symptoms today and by luck of the key got it going in time to get some things backed up.
Just wanted you to know that if I'm NOT back online soon, then you'll know why. Which leads me to a question I answered lately for someone else. I'm interested in knowing this also, so here goes. While Brandon is working on my hard drive, just who is reading this? You don't have to join Blogger to sign your name. Or you can sign up with your Goggle account. Whatever, I'd just like to know who finds these tidbits of our lives interesting. Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week! ~until

04 September 2007

Family & Fun

I am so loving it that Johnny and Nelson are on the same shift! Not only do they work in the same area and can see each other at work, but now when Nelson drops in to visit before he goes to the mill~Johnny's here! Today Jenny came by with Ian and Noah. She wanted to run a few errands and wondered if we'd watch the boys. That was a quick and easy answer! To top it off, Nelson called saying he was in town. He had planned to eat Chinese for lunch and when that didn't work out, he had time to spare. Ian got on the phone and asked if he would come to Nan's house. Which Nelson did! Yea us!!!

Ian loves his uncle Nelson and gets so excited when he sees him. Noah, on the other hand, isn't quite sure how to take the wrestling, the games of chase, and the laughing that Nelson and Ian get involved in! So for now,
Nelson plays with Ian and Noah sits with me or Pa. This thoroughly delights Ian as he has Nelson all to himself!

Here are some pictures I took today. The ones of Johnny and Noah are the best I could get. Noah would smile only when the flash went off and Johnny's smile got to looking a bit forced. Note the wet outfit. Noah now has six teeth so he's chewing, and drooling, on everything he can find. Blocks, flip flops, dropped food, you name it.

I love watching these four males interact. Johnny and Noah get along quietly. Watching TV or just watching each other. Nelson and Ian on the other hand love getting down on the floor, building towers, playing chase, or wrestling. It was one of the best days for memories. And we made them~ everyone should be so blessed.

Jenny came in, we had lunch, the boys grew a bit tired, the guys went to work, Jenny went home with the boys to take naps, and I simply sat in our den for a while just savoring the time I'd had with everyone. I am so thankful for moments such as these~

02 September 2007

Family, Fun, & a Final Gathering for a Friend

Here's our birthday boy at the 4th celebration of his life! It was held at a local park near their home and the weather actually cooperated! There was a breeze and an overcast sky which kept the insects and the temps at a minimum!! The area was a mixture of concrete and this spongy kind of material, almost like an artificial turf. It was nice!! I liked not having dust or dirt or rocks for the children to fall on. Apparently, this is common at playgrounds now. I learn something every day! Watching the children play, several of us commented on our memories of birthdays and the excitement of the day being all about you. The older we got, the more we realized that we were happier when we were thinking of others and trying to make life easier for someone else! But we still miss having the day all about us!

Our little grandaughter stayed busy on the playyard! Alaina loved the climbing area and the slide! She only had time to come over for the pizza and watermelon! She may still be just a little girl, but she can beat her brother at putting away the food! We tease Stacey that Alaina will be little like her mother, but she's going to have her dad's appetite! Here she is, posing with my sunglasses. Upside down, of course~

This afternoon after worship we met Brandon and his family for lunch at Taste Good, a Chinese eatery in Prattville. Ian quickly put away his shrimp, grapes, cheese sticks, and fries in order to go with Pa to the ice cream bar. Noah couldn't be fed fast enough! Poor Brandon kept shoveling it in and it still wasn't fast enough. Jenny already has her hands full keeping three guys fed! I think Brandon's making sure their new home has a nice kitchen for Jenny and a big shower for him! She likes to cook and he's never had a shower with a shower head tall enough for him. I KNOW they'll be tickled to death when they can move in and begin getting settled. They may never build another house. Matter of fact, they may never move again! On second thought, nah. She's too much like her mommy. {wink, wink!}
Today is the day Bryan Martin was laid to rest and remembered with a Celebration of his short life. My heart aches with the knowledge that the days and years ahead are going to be so different for his precious little family. Such a brutul and senseless crime. Kelsey was quoted as saying, "He would have given them his truck. He would have given them his wallet. He would have done anything just to come home to us. They didn't have to shoot him". So young, so in love, such an asset to our world, so many dreams unfulfilled.
Have a great week. A week filled with laughter, love, and rain! Lots and lots of rain!!!