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26 September 2007

Oh, Ian, Nan is so sorry~
I went over to Jen's this afternoon to see the progress on their new home~and there's been a lot!~and when we got back to their apartment it was time for the boys to lie down and take their naps. I asked Ian if I could lie down with him. We whispered and snuggled and he finally asked me, "Nan, will you stay here and when I wake up we can play?" Forgetting that Brandon's work hours are different, I whispered back, "Yes I will. Go to sleep, Nan will be here." And then!! after I dozed off I woke up remembering, "Brandon will be home at 4:30!!! And it was like 4:10!

I got up, got ready to leave and asked Jenny if she thought Ian would remember that I was going to be there. She said, "probably not". Wrong answer!!! Brandon called about 5:15 saying Ian wanted to talk to me. Well, he wouldn't talk. All I heard was sniffling. My heart cracked. Then Brandon gets back on the phone and says that yes, Ian did remember and that yes, he was crying. My heart broke then.

I feel horrible. He's too young to understand my reason for leaving. All he knows at this tender age is that his Nan said she would be there when he woke up~and she wasn't. I honestly think a public flogging would be easier to bear.

This whole incident~ that isn't important to anyone but Ian and his Nan~could've been handled two ways. One, I could've stayed until he woke up and hustled out without play time, in order to give Brandon and Jenny their family time, and he would've cried. Or two, I could've told him I wouldn't be there at which point he would've cried. Of course there's a third option, just don't lie down with him when he takes a nap. NOT. I wouldn't have missed that cuddle time for the world. You can bet, though, that I'll have a ready answer next time that will cover this situation! I'm sorry, my precious buddy. Nan won't be guilty of this again!


Kelly said...

Awww. Jenna is that attached to her Nana (my mom) and she remembers stuff too. She ALWAYS wants to go see her.

Leah said...

Bless his heart...bless your heart! Tough situation! The picture of him is precious! I'm sure he'll forgive you!! They always do when we mess up. That's the beauty of children!