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12 September 2007

Snuggles & Snoozes

I bet you can guess who I saw today! Jen called and she was out looking at carpet samples. Since I was out running errands, we met for lunch. I got some mommy time with Jenny and snuggle time with Noah! To top it off, we took a nap on the loveseat before Jenny left to pick Ian up from day school. It's been a beautiful day. I hope yours has too~


Kristen said...

just seeing you so excited about your grandkids makes me think of mom and how she is dying to have grandkids. Mom's friends have kids that are older than me and shanna so they are always talking about there grandkids and she said its so sad. She said after i get married i can have a year and then grandkids must come. 8-) Isn't that funny!

Nancy Hood said...

Kristen, there's nothing to compare it to. It's like all the love I have for Jenny is intensified and deepened. I am still, after almost four years, so fascinated with them!