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08 September 2007

Computer Craziness~

Looks like my computer is on its way to Brandon's tomorrow. I keep getting a message that indicates there may be serious problems. I hope not!! I've already experienced withdrawal symptoms today and by luck of the key got it going in time to get some things backed up.
Just wanted you to know that if I'm NOT back online soon, then you'll know why. Which leads me to a question I answered lately for someone else. I'm interested in knowing this also, so here goes. While Brandon is working on my hard drive, just who is reading this? You don't have to join Blogger to sign your name. Or you can sign up with your Goggle account. Whatever, I'd just like to know who finds these tidbits of our lives interesting. Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week! ~until


Jenny said...

I read them :) Love you!

Kristen said...

i am reading them too!! i absolutely love your blogs..every one of them! Love you.

Kelly said...

I stop by and catch up. :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, I just started reading your blogs again---and I love them. AND I love you! ~Lynne