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04 September 2007

Family & Fun

I am so loving it that Johnny and Nelson are on the same shift! Not only do they work in the same area and can see each other at work, but now when Nelson drops in to visit before he goes to the mill~Johnny's here! Today Jenny came by with Ian and Noah. She wanted to run a few errands and wondered if we'd watch the boys. That was a quick and easy answer! To top it off, Nelson called saying he was in town. He had planned to eat Chinese for lunch and when that didn't work out, he had time to spare. Ian got on the phone and asked if he would come to Nan's house. Which Nelson did! Yea us!!!

Ian loves his uncle Nelson and gets so excited when he sees him. Noah, on the other hand, isn't quite sure how to take the wrestling, the games of chase, and the laughing that Nelson and Ian get involved in! So for now,
Nelson plays with Ian and Noah sits with me or Pa. This thoroughly delights Ian as he has Nelson all to himself!

Here are some pictures I took today. The ones of Johnny and Noah are the best I could get. Noah would smile only when the flash went off and Johnny's smile got to looking a bit forced. Note the wet outfit. Noah now has six teeth so he's chewing, and drooling, on everything he can find. Blocks, flip flops, dropped food, you name it.

I love watching these four males interact. Johnny and Noah get along quietly. Watching TV or just watching each other. Nelson and Ian on the other hand love getting down on the floor, building towers, playing chase, or wrestling. It was one of the best days for memories. And we made them~ everyone should be so blessed.

Jenny came in, we had lunch, the boys grew a bit tired, the guys went to work, Jenny went home with the boys to take naps, and I simply sat in our den for a while just savoring the time I'd had with everyone. I am so thankful for moments such as these~

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