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16 September 2007

Curlieques & Girly Girls

Today was such fun. Busy, but fun! It began with a Pampered Chef show I was hosting for our daughter, Jenny. Well, two people showed up! But the two that did brought such smiles and laughter with them. Melynda Buck was one and she brought three of my babes from Holtville!! I glimpsed her daughter, Kaylin, through the front door and opened it to find Reagan and Jacey!!! I was so excited! Melynda showed up two hours early, which ended up being so helpful to me. This week has been a very up and down week for me emotionally and by 3 pm my nagging headache had escalated into the kind that leaves me in a confused and stammering mess. However, going outside with the girls, a coke, and some medicine helped ease it and we got some really cute pictures.

Thank you, Lynne L. and Melynda, for coming. And thank you to those of you that responded saying you couldn't make it! That helped when trying to decide how much food to buy! I still bought extra as I wasn't sure who else might come, but that's a good thing, now, BECAUSE
it's Melynda's birthday tomorrow!! She's coming BACK to celebrate her birthday along with Brandon, who turns 28 Tuesday!! I can't wait. It's always a treat to enjoy a family member's special day, but to have the added pleasure of Melynda and her family will be the icing on the cake!! Well, in this case, the topping on the dessert pizza! Ian loves to "toast!" and we'll do it twice tomorrow! Or rather, today, since it IS already 1 AM as I write. I'm not sleepy. Yet. Tired, but not sleepy. It was exciting having two girlfriends come in for food and laughs, three little munchkins that came for hugs and giggles, and Johnny & Nelson who got together to yell during the Auburn game and later for Alabama's win. Today has made for a happy kind of tired that keeps you wired for a while.

Here's hoping your day will be as happy as the one I'm fixing to have~look for new pics and details soon!

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