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11 July 2007

100 Pieces of My Life~

  1. My first home, as a newborn, was in Palmetto, FL. My first home, as a newlywed, was in Palmetto, GA. How neat is that?!
  2. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a Flight Attendant. The day we found out I was pregnant with Jenny, the mailman left a letter with instructions to interview with United Airlines. I've never missed being a stewardess and I wouldn't have missed being her mommy for the world.
  3. I have many friends in various compartments of my life and I treasure those relationships. I am blessed to work with some of my best friends.
  4. I find being married to a man with like faith to be much easier, much happier, and offers a more stable marriage.
  5. There are babies waiting for me in Heaven due to an ectopic pregnancy and several miscarriages.
  6. I love the smell of horses and leather!
  7. I got pregnant with Jenny at a time when I'd given up on being able to get pregnant.
  8. Some of my favorite memories are growing up in Jay, FL where my father was fire chief and my mother was a homemaker.
  9. I have twin brothers born on Easter Sunday, 1960. They will be 88 before their birthday falls on Easter again.
  10. My parents sent me to spend weeks at a time during the summers with my maternal grandparents in, what was then, Mountain Creek, Alabama.
  11. I learned to hunt for guinea eggs, blackberries, and milk a cow. I had the absolute best grandmother.
  12. I was a varsity cheerleader at Marbury High my sophomore and junior year and loved those years! I wanted to be on the annual staff, so I had to give up cheerleading my senior year. {My father was senior sponsor and would not allow a cheerleader to be on annual staff or Homecoming Court.}
  13. I've lived in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and Colorado.
  14. I've skied the Rockies and the Smoky's. The Rockies Reign!
  15. At 19 I married, and although in love, I also wanted to get out of Alabama. {Yeah, I know. I'm back in Alabama BUT I saw some awesome places before moving back!}
  16. Pushed into teaching, I found to my amazement that it was a passion. I don't believe I touched as many lives as touched mine. I loved my job.
  17. I can honestly say there isn't anyone alive that I'd rather be married to than Johnny Hood. He is my rock, my hiding place, and I know he loves me.
  18. I love good food and eat simply for the joy of tasting it.
  19. When I was 5, I got a huge piece of wood stuck in my right foot and still have a scar.
  20. Until Austin and Ian came along, I didn't actually believe that you could love a child as much as your own. Then I found that not only could you love them, you could remain totally infatuated with them.
  21. I want to have a second home in the Gatlinburg area.
  22. April 21, 2006 was the day a medical accident robbed me of 77 days. It meant a two year medical leave from teaching and ultimately retirement.
  23. My brother, Nelson, is someone I absolutely trust to be honest with me. He's the big brother I always needed.
  24. I can't remember not loving to read. There were always books, magazines, and daily papers in our home. Books were doorways to other worlds for me, and I would lose myself in them.
  25. While in high school, I had a short story published in a national honor magazine and won a monetary prize for it! I went on to have several professional articles published and another short story. I dream of writing a children's book.
  26. My paternal grandparents lived in Birmingham, AL and had the neatest backyard to play in! Sited on a steep hillside, the terraces were built of stones. There were muscadine vines, fruit trees, and bird baths. It was like a magical place for young people to frolic!!
  27. My first marriage only lasted 8 1/2 years, but we lived in three states {GA, TN, and CO}, 4 towns, {Palmetto, GA-twice, Memphis-twice, Aurora, CO, and Carrollton, GA}, 3 homes, and 4 apartments! Moved a lot but I never would have seen so much nor experienced the things I did had it not been for Steve Fields. I learned to ski the Rockies, traveled to Old Tucson the day John Wayne died, and so many places and sites others only dream of.
  28. Johnny and I celebrated 26 years this summer. We have had homes in Millbrook, Wadsworth, and Prattville. Think this is the last place. Maybe. Maybe not.
  29. I love soft pinks, blues, and yellows but don't decorate with them.
  30. One of my comfort foods is tuna and noodle casserole. Yum!! I also love grits and couldn't buy them in Denver during the late 70's! My mother-in-law would fly in with 2 pound bags for us! Gotta love that woman!
  31. I cannot imagine not having God in my life. He has brought such comfort over the years and blessed me beyond measure.
  32. If I can teach one child to hold his head higher and to believe in himself, then I've made a difference.
  33. I don't hold grudges. It's such a waste of time. I may not trust you again, but I don't close doors.
  34. I can honestly say I don't remember ever hating anyone. I've been deeply hurt and have been moved to anger, but hate is not an emotion I believe in.
  35. Johnny just recently bought me an older model cute little car and I absolutely adore it. Even moreso than I loved my Honda Accord!!
  36. I would love to look like Faith Hill but sing like Shaina Twain.
  37. I love a hot shower! The hotter, the better. I don't like shower stalls that are too big, I do not like drafty showers!!
  38. This is going to sound crazy :) but I play a game with myself where I pretend I'm blind and try to do things without sight. Try it sometimes. You'd be amazed at how your other senses pick up the slack.
  39. I had Jenny when I was two months shy of 25. We didn't think I could get pregnant. She's the only pregnancy I was able to carry to term.
  40. Living near Denver, CO was a dream come true. Had the marriage been stable, I'd have fought to make a life there.
  41. I met Johnny in February, 1983 at the Lightwood church of Christ. His brother set up a blind date between us. I remember thinking he was so handsome. I never dated anyone after meeting him.
  42. The most impulsive thing I've ever done was marry Johnny after a 4 month courtship. It just felt right.
  43. I am addicted to icy cold classic cokes and sweet tea.
  44. I am not a fan of chocolate and have never liked getting candy on Valentine's Day!
  45. For 26 years Johnny has danced in the kitchen with me. Sounds dorky, but it's a romantic and sweet part of our life together.
  46. The best time of high school was my 9th-11th grade years. The kind of times you remember forever.
  47. Christmas in our home is my favorite time of the year. Our house literally sparkles with its seasonal finery.
  48. Being over deep water, even a lake, scares me.
  49. Being in an airplane thrills me. Go figure.
  50. I love watching thunderstorms gather power and would love to see an actual tornado one day.
  51. I've seen Diana Ross and Olivia Newton-John in concert but my favorite was Cher.
  52. There's still a spot behind Jenny's right ear that reminds me of her toddler days. I love that smell to this day.
  53. Of all my senses, I'd hate to lose the sense of hearing.
  54. One of the prettiest sites I've ever seen was at night high above Denver, Colorado. It truly looked like jewels cast out upon black velvet.
  55. My father named me Nancy. The stories behind why depended on which parent you asked. My middle name goes back many generations. I was going to be Susan, until birth, when they found they were tired of calling me that.
  56. My favorite vacation mecca would be the Disney wonders in Orlando, Florida. My favorite getaway spot is the Gatlinburg area.
  57. I taught second grade for just shy of 20 years and never taught any other grade.
  58. I met Jeanne Dixon once. I said 'hello, it's an honor', and she told me to never stop writing. She said I would make a difference with it one day. I never told her I loved writing.
  59. At Easter, I used to take a shoe box, gather clover and grass, and make a nest for the Easter bunny.
  60. When I was in the ninth grade, my parents had a fight Christmas Eve and I had to be Santa Claus. That was difficult.
  61. I love action movies, and a few romantic ones, like You've Got Mail and Same Time Next Year.
  62. If I can get it online or in Prattville, I don't shop in Montgomery.
  63. I hate to get my face wet while swimming or in the shower. Weird, but I can't stand it.
  64. Although shades of cream are my favorite in clothing colors, I have mostly black clothes.
  65. Flip flops!! I love flip flops!!
  66. I've never smoked or tried any type of non-prescription drug. I have been drunk twice and it is soooo not fun. Beats me why people drink to get drunk.
  67. I enjoy people who love laughter. I don't like whiners or those who blame others for their mistakes.
  68. Were I to be put in the position of defending my house and/or those I love, I would shoot to kill. And never lose a night of sleep over it.
  69. May, 2005 I broke the silence of sexual harassment and assault. By doing so, it caused a split within my extended family. Some cannot face the ugly side of truth. However, it freed my heart and I have been able to help others. FYI, the Rape Crisis Center in Montgomery is a great place to go should you need someone. Be strong. Break the silence. Be a survivor, not a victim.
  70. In Nov, 2000 after an extrememly rough year, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. In Jan, 2007 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder January brought on by the accident in '06. I am now working through three separate life changing traumas with the help of a Christian counselor.
  71. I have two nephews that serve in the armed forces. Matthew McClain was with the United States Air Force and Joshua McClain serves with the United States Marine Corps. I'm so proud of them!
  72. There was never a time that I thought I'd live in Alabama all my life. I've always wanted to live somewhere else.
  73. For as long as I can remember, I've believed angels walk amongst us and have been blessed to not only been touched by the one that saved Jenny's life but have felt them near.
  74. During the accident, I actually died, and saw my father and Johnny's parents in Paradise. As I moved to go toward my dad, I heard, "Nancy, it's not your time. You have to go back." I believe I was sent back to assure others that there IS a place called Paradise and it is more beautiful and fresh than you can imagine.
  75. It doesn't hurt to die. No matter how much pain your body is in. The pain comes in living.
  76. I love a good book, a crackling fire, and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  77. I've had three favorite vacations. I skied Snowbird, Utah once staying in a condo that looked out toward the mountain and the ski runs~so totally beautiful!! The second was when we took Brandon to Gatlinburg for graduation {it was his first time}; and, the Christmas we took Leslie and Jenny to G'burg for Christmas. It snowed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!! We had our little tree, stockings, and presents!
  78. Johnny surprised me with a beautiful three-stone diamond ring for my 50th birthday and Jenny made a DVD of my life. Both made me cry with happiness.
  79. I am terrified of heights without railings.
  80. I am claustrophobic.
  81. When I look in the mirror, it still surprises me not to see a young adult. I feel that I should have tight skin, a youthful face, and be able to do the splits.
  82. My bedroom is wonderful! It's like a cocoon I can nest in all day!
  83. I always thought it would be easy to have thick, long hair and get pregnant. Both have been next to impossible for me.
  84. Roy Rogers was my childhood idol. Always wanted to be Dale Evans.
  85. I remember the day John F. Kennedy died. We were living in Jay, FL and my second grade teacher told us we were getting out of school because the President had been shot. I remember how sad everone was and my mother crying. I was fascinated by the black horse with the empty saddle and the stirrups reversed to denote a fallen soldier and I remember seeing John Jr. salute his father before it became a famous snapshot.
  86. My grandmother Yarbrough made the most fantastic rolls, butterscotch pies, and a delicious breakfast treat called milk sop, which was two pieces of cinnamon toast in warm milk. I remember saying the Lord's Prayer by her side {she always, always prayed kneeling by her bed} and wishing we could pray in bed because they did not have central heat!
  87. I used to wade in the creek and she made me hats out of elephant leaves.
  88. One of the most impressive meals I've ever eaten was atop a building in Knoxville overlooking the Tennessee River. There was even lemon sorbet to cleanse your palate!
  89. While walking back from lunch with my class, I stepped off the sidewalk and tore all the ligaments from my left ankle. I wore a Darth Vadar boot for 9 weeks and a walking brace for 3. It's still weak to this day. {I refused to wear a cast due to the claustrophobia.}
  90. I feel the challenges in my life have made me stronger and allowed God to work in some awesome ways.
  91. I regret slapping Jenny in the face when she was hysterical once. It brought her to her senses, but she's never forgotten it.
  92. And I regret being too strict with Leslie and Stacey. I thought I was supposed to be like my mother.
  93. I am closer to our daughters more now than ever.
  94. I'm excited about our future. Want it, visualize it, believe it, live it.
  95. Jenny & Stacey amaze me with the way they are raising their children. With such love, with such confidence - I love watching them.
  96. Simple things make me happy, ie: gathering with good friends, soft conversations at dusk over a patio table, sleeping late, driving north on I-65, an 'I love you'.
  97. When Ian comes up on the porch and see me, my heart melts when I see the happiness in his eyes. I love playing on the floor with him and would be a complete fool just to hear him laugh.
  98. I love to cook for Brandon and Brett! They love to eat.
  99. Maggie was a white Maltese that I still miss to this day.
  100. I wouldn't have missed this dance for the world!

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