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23 July 2007

Family & a Fair

Stacey and Leslie, spent last week at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi. It's a family tradition they have attended since early childhood, and they have the best time! The Cannon family has a cabin there and family members met every year for a reunion, fair activities and to catch up with each other. {Southern Living has written of this fair several times and until Stacey began sending pictures I could never picture in my mind just how these cabins fit into a fair scenario!} Here you see Brett, Stacey's husband, sitting on the porch with Austin and Alaina. The cabin has two floors with a front porch across the front.

Now each year we have a state fair in Montgomery, but there's no room for cabins. The Neshoba County Fair is not your normal kind of fair. There's fair rides, games, big name performers, food, a water park, and seeing friends that have camped there for years just like the Cannon's. I can only imagine, as a child, what a delight this week holds!

Here you see Austin pushing Alaina in a swing that was put up for the little ones. Across the street you can get a glimpse of other cabins. I've seen pictures of the cabin our girls stay in and it's cuter and nicer than the ones you see here. The Cannon's take pride in theirs and hang lights, swings, etc. to keep the porch friendly and decorated.

Here's Stacey with our only grandaughter, Alaina. I'm sure the kids have fun and the parents have a lot of unpacking, washing clothes, and other 'fun' things to do when everyone manages to get back home. Sometimes it's a lot easier being a kid!

We got these tonight and I wanted to share them with you. She wasn't able to take as many snapshots as she wanteds, but maybe you can get an idea of the family cabin~

If any readers have been to this fair, or have a cabin there yourself, I'd love for you to leave a comment about your experience! Otherwise, here's a blessing that you'll have a God-filled day and memories to warm your heart~

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