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19 July 2007

Oops, maybe not!

I just realized that I didn't tell you about Tuesday. We got the boys in the car, headed to Montgomery, stopped for gas, and Jenny's car died. Just died. Right there in the gas lane. And it's 93 degrees outside. She calls Brandon, who drives across town to east Montgomery to crawl up under her Trooper and discover it needs a new battery. Jumps it off and we head to the nearby Walmart to purchase a battery. He installs it and we're on our merry way. BUT~this all took at least two hours. And no one's had lunch!

Jenny was so calm and still laughing with Ian. Thankfully, she'd chosen a pump under the large awning so we had shade part of the time. When Brandon got there, the boys and I transferred to his car and stayed cool. Noah got his lunch balanced on my knees, with me trying hard not to get pasta and meat on his outfit! And with two hours gone from her day of appointments, she still made the time to go to Chick Fil A so Ian could play on their playground.

This all sounds like a day you'd be glad someone else had! But I'll always remember it as a day where the unexpected happened and laughter and love evolved from it. Thank you, Jenny, for taking me along for the ride. It was worth every minute~

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