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19 July 2007

Wrapping up the Week

It's been a busy week. It's been a good week. There've been moments of comtemplation, many moments of loving and laughing, and even more moments of quiet time and rest. I've found that when I am busy for two or three days, I literally crash afterwards. And I mean sleeping until the early afternoon hours! Getting up for a bowl of cereal, reading the daily paper, and again, falling asleep, usually in the swing this time. So has been this week. Yesterday was the day for sleeping! And it felt so good!

Monday I ran a few errands and a dear friend called saying come over for a sandwich and a movie. That sounded like fun~and it was. We also got online and played around with her MySpace page a bit. Can you imagine?! Two grandmothers having fun with a MySpace page? It is fun and we've connected with so many students, prior students, friends from our youth, and parents of those we've taught. We both enjoy our MySpace pages.

Tuesday I was with Jenny and the boys! You may recall in a prior post I mentioned how this day was, yet how calm Jenny and Brandon handled it. Still makes me proud to see the parents they are. Here's a picture from that fun day! The boys had such fun going from Jenny's arms and the picture with her to my arms for the picture with me. We're waiting for Brandon to arrive and you can see how happy Jenny and the boys are. Ian crawled back to the back of her Trooper and set up a "clubhouse". Jenny and our oldest daughter, Stacey, have such fun with their babies~and it shows.

Wednesday I zonked out! Today was my appointment with my counselor and upon leaving I ran into a dear friend. Some of you may remember her, Karla Amos taught with us at Holtville Elementary. She will be working with second grade at Pine Level Elementary next year, but oh how I'd love to have her back at HES. She looks great and it warmed my heart to be in her arms. It's been too long.

Coming back to Prattville I drove out to Jenny's and we ate taco's on her living room floor. Picnic style. Mommy, Nan, and Ian~fun! and I think we made some heart memories. Ian kept coming back for kisses, hugs, and "I love you's" before he finally settled down and went on off for a nap. A very relaxing afternoon.

Driving home I was listening to Faith Hill's CD, Fireflies, and giving thanks for our beautiful girls and their walk with God. Jackie Kennedy once said, "It does not matter what job you have. If you bungle raising your children, nothing else really matters". I think we've done a pretty good job. But then we had help, and He always does an awesome job~

I hope you have made time in your week for those you love and that love you. I hope you've looked for times in which to laugh and breathe deeply. And may you always make time to give thanks to the One that made it all possible. ~until another time

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Leah said...

Sounds like you've had a very full week! We love to have "picnics" at our house too! You all should call us sometime when you come into town! We'd love to get together!