And the sound this week is~

a few of my easy listening favorites~

14 July 2007

Ever had a certain smell or the breeze hit you just right and within seconds you're swept back into the past. Where problems were simpler, but still problems. Like what you were going to wear Saturday night or did it really matter that you weren't quite finished with the paper due on Tuesday. Where life was something the grownups worried about. Not you. It wasn't your job. Yet.

I love music. My daddy used to say that music soothes the savage beast. I've never felt savage, but I know it evokes memories. Memories that hide in the folds of my mind. Songs like the one you're listening to now. Songs of memorable moments, boyfriends, cheerleading, dating, and spending the night parties with best friends. Times when life was young. When we were young.

So lean back, close your eyes and let the music sooth your savage beast. May they transport you to a time when the radio was filled with songs like these. To a time when you were free and memories sweet. To dreams that came true. To smiles on our hearts. To the songs that helped put them in place. Enjoy~

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