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06 July 2007

Looking forward

Hmmm, there's another 'f' word that's good to keep in mind. I have several things to look forward to that bring smiles to my heart. This afternoon I'm meeting Jenny at Curves to work out with her. I've really come to enjoy these 40 minutes together. By the time we've gone around the circuit I'm puffing like a woman in labor! but we talk, we laugh, we share, we plan. I've been going along with her to her Pampered Chef shows, but have found the times we work out give us more time to talk. I truly treasure these workouts with my daughter.

I'm also planning to meet with one of my bestest friends, Lisa, to spend some time together. She can always offer a different solution when I need to make a decision and she's a great one to let me whine for two minutes! We've laughed, cried, and lasted through many years now and I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything~

Our Alabama grandbabies will be visiting with us for lunch Sunday. This is such a special time for us and I hope it's making heart memories for them. Ian is growing much too quickly, but still will crawl up in my lap to read a book or give me a snuggle. And Noah. My, he's a beautiful handful and is still young enough to get all the sugar we want.

Sooooo, I've covered friends and family~now for the faith. Were it not for the faith of the ones mentioned within this blog, along with the faith of others and even strangers I haven't met, I wouldn't be alive today. I'm convinced of this. Their prayers, their love, their awesome support for me brought me back to life and held me here. I shall always be deeply indebted to them. Where would you be if someone didn't believe enough in you to offer prayers for you? I believe in His grace, I believe in miracles, and I believe in angels. God is so awesome; open your eyes and your soul and just watch how He puts the puzzle of your life together for you~

And as always, I pray you'll have many moments of laughter today and that you'll take the time to dance~

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