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16 July 2007

It's Monday! or, Thursday?

When you aren't working full time outside the home, days run together. Which isn't a bad thing. In fact, as much as I miss my colorful classroom and the love and adoration those little second graders dish out willingly, I do enjoy my lazy mornings and knowing each night that "hey! I don't have to work tomorrow".

My sweetheart, however, gets up five mornings a week at 6 am and trudges, not so happily, off to the local paper mill for his 8 hour shift. He'll call once or twice during the day and catch up with me and we trade what we've accomplished thus far. Some days all I've done was get dressed and read the paper! Ahhh, the life of medical disability leave. {Note I'm doing all I can NOT to remember the surgery I still have to endure.}

Jenny called this morning to say she and the boys were on their way to pick out brick for the home they are building. There was excitement in her voice and I enjoyed knowing she wanted to share it with me. She put me on speaker phone and Ian and I were able to talk. Wow, I would've loved that when I was his age! She and Brandon are selling their vehicles and going to diesels. Brandon has sold his Wrangler and Jen is in the process of getting ready to sell her Trooper. They are so in awe of how God has blessed them and don't mind telling you. Johnny and I are very blessed knowing our daughters are Christians and are walking the walk.

So what am I going to do today? Well, I've already gone to the bank and the cleaners. I washed off the porch and patio and emptied the dishwasher. Think I'll go cut out the fabric for a seat cover Jenny needs to go on shopping cart buggies. Then again, maybe I'll do that later. Maybe I'll pull a Garfield and go take a nap ;)

Hope your Monday is as lazy and as easy as mine appears to be headed. If you're at work, here's hoping you take a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and escape to a mental image of a restful place! Oh go ahead. You won't look funny. And I promise you'll feel better~


Leah said...

So glad to be able to catch up with you again! Sounds like your day was nice. I know what you mean about the days running together! And I love it! Tell Jenny that I loved her list, I just don't know how to leave comments on her page, but I'm reading them! love, Leah

Nancy Hood said...

I can't leave comments there either. Not sure if the site is set up to have comments. So glad you're home!!

Jenny Maddox said...

You have GOT to get that high chair cover finished!!!! I keep having to wipe them down with baby wipes.

Katie said...

Hi - This is Katie (Hannah's Mommy blog). You left a comment several weeks ago & for some reason I couldn't figure out how to post a comment on your page. Sorry it has taken me so long. Thanks for the compliment on my page. If you put all of the codes for your blinkies in one page element then they will line up right under each other. I would just paste one, put a space, and paste another code, and so on. I hope this makes sense and helps you out. Again I apologize for it being so long getting back with you! I like your page too. It is cute!