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07 July 2007

A homesick baby~

Pictured is Princess Marleydog Hood. She's the baby of our middle daughter, Leslie. Leslie has been on a mission/professional hours trip, so Marley has been with us in Alabama. Now remember, Leslie has been taking these trips for quite a few years and Marley always grieves for her the first few days. Then she settles in and becomes our baby. Not this time!

We knew to expect the typical 'settling in' time frame. All went well until about 48 hours ago when we noticed she wasn't around like she had been. She was either in the living room looking out the window or sitting by our door leading outside to the patio. We could get her away only if we mentioned the word 'treat'! But not this morning!!

She became extremely clingy yesterday and there were times I'd find myself getting impatient with her constantly wanting to be in my arms. Not reading, not watching TV, not using the computer, but holding her and scratching her and talking to her! So -

This morning I decided, after taking the picture you see at the top, that I would call Leslie and put her on the speaker phone so Marley could hear her momma's voice. Oh my gosh!!!! Her eyes began running!! She kept looking up at me with those liquid brown eyes and had she gotten up under my arm any further, she would've dislocated my shoulder.

This last picture was taken after we got off the phone with Leslie. Afterwards, I couldn't even get her away from the window for a treat. Needless to say, Miss Marley and I will be driving over early Monday morning taking her home! Leslie has an 8 hour shift at the hospital Sunday, so I'll have Marley home when Leslie gets up Monday.

Johnny and I had a dog, Maggie, that began as Jenny's pup and ended up with all of us spoiled as rotten as she was. If you've ever loved a dog, then you know there are some dogs that actually think they are people. And Princess Marleydog Hood is one of them. :) Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had someone that loved them this much and so unconditionally? I'm blessed in this way and I pray that if you aren't, you soon will be. Until another time, continue to dance to the music in your soul~

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