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10 July 2007

Beautiful babies

Today is Tuesday, which is Ian's library day. Jenny decided last week that not only would it be easier for her to only have Ian, but it would also give her some mommy-Ian time, which she doesn't get much of now that Noah is here! So she asked if I would watch Noah while they were at the library. I bet you can guess what I said, and how quickly I said it!

Naturally I wanted to take some pictures and he cooperated. Here's a lopsided grin I got while he balanced himself on my knees. He has the bluest eyes and is a boy on the move. Crawling, pulling up, and drooling! Jen said he has tooth number 4 now and is the sweetest little person.

Ian came in talking about his books and it wasn't long before he'd gotten his tent up and situated with some of his favorite toys inside. This tent was on sale at Target several years back and he loves it. When Austin is here, it's "The Clubhouse" for just boys! You can see Ian peeking at me for his picture. I missed his blonde hair when his dad buzzed it off for the summer, but now I can't imagine him with any other haircut! Not having the hair makes you notice his eyes more and those ever-changing facial expressions!

Jen left to get the boys down for their afternoon nap, and I couldn't help but notice how quiet the house was when they left. I was reminded of the laughter and liveliness a home has when children are present. Johnny and I are richly blessed with our grandchildren and they are such a delight. Being brought up in Christian homes with parents who love not only their children, but each other as well. God is so good~

The rest of the week is going to be filled with best friends and getting to see Leslie when I take Marley back Friday. Leslie will meet me at the interstate and we'll have a little bit of time together. Not as much as I'd like, but better than not seeing her. Leslie can find the best places to eat and can make me laugh as often as Ian does. I'll be including some pictures from my dates the rest of this week so come back!! Take care and may the week continue to bring you moments of love, laugher and dreams~

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