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20 July 2007

First & Last

First Memory~wading up Beaver Creek with my grandmother. I couldn't have been more than 4 or 5. We'd walk down the dirt roads to the bridge and wade up the creek to the backside of their property. Along the way she'd point out crawfish, flowers, shrubs, turtles, and tell me tales of Peter Rabbit and how he always got in trouble when he didn't mind his mother. Hmm, think she was trying to tell me something?

First Kiss~Danny Thorn; 6th grade at Donna Williams home on a sleep-over.

First Love~when I looked in Jenny's eyes and she connected visually with me for the first time. She was somewhere around 2 or 3 weeks old and I lost my heart completely.

First Thought in the Morning~"Yes! I don't have to go to work."

First Question I'll Ask in Heaven~"Where's Mary?" I am so looking forward to hearing of His childhood.

First Thought Upon Hearing the Word 'Vacation'~Gatlinbug, Tennessee

First Best Friend~Robin Crowder, Jay Florida

Last Food I Ate~a huge stuffed baked potato at Jim & Nick's here in Prattville with two of my best friends!

Last Time I Cried~Thursday, talking about the trauma my family suffered during my illness.

Last Good Book I Read~Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers {thank you, Karla!}

Last Hug That Melted My Heart~from Noah, 7 months old and already a heart breaker

Last Funny Thing I Did~taught Ian how to pretend to be roadkill. Yeah, I know, but I got it from another friend and it was just too funny NOT to do.

Last TV Show~House Hunters, HGTV

Last Place to Go to On Vacation~Anarctica

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