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18 September 2007

Forever kind of friends~

I have known Melynda Buck since she was in high school, but we became better friends when she came to my classroom needing advice concerning her baby girl. Kaylin was in second grade and her parents were considering transferring her to our school. The answer was easy. Kaylin came to Holtville and she came into my room. That led to a warm relationship with four of the sweetest people you could ever meet.

One of the last things I remember about April 21, 2006 is Tim Buck coming toward me with an arrangement of flowers. For me! And I was only having an outpatient procedure! I'd been their daughter's teacher for a short amount of time and here he was. With flowers and words of encouragement for my husband and me.

Throughout the next 77 nightmarish days, many friends visited, prayed and supported my family. Tim and Melynda were two such friends. During my recovery period at home, she came and sit with me. Each time, she left a cooked meal. This past Sunday was her birthday. It was a pleasure to celebrate with her. Our relationship continues to bring smiles and warmth to my heart.

Have others come into your life and lingered long enough to become a beautiful part of your world? Did you recognize them as filling a special need? Almost as if He knew there was a place in your life for such person.

Happy Birthday, Melynda. I'm so glad I know you~and we're blessed to have you in our world.

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Leah said...

What an awesome friend! I'm so glad you're doing better!!