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27 August 2007

Faith & Friends~

You have GOT to go over to the right and click on Jon's Jots. It's a very uplifting and glorious video. It brought joy to my heart and I will pray that it does to yours also. Jenny has also written about a beautiful song that she's partial to. I think she's going to try and get it from Playlist so we can hear the music as well. You can check that out at Walking That Line. If you haven't visited the blogs I've listed, you should. I enjoy them and hope you're checking them out as well!

We were in Mississippi this weekend and I'll update you with stories and pictures at another time. ~until then, may you find peace, joy, and comfort in our Lord. Thanks to Jenny & Jon for passing these items out into the blogging world. May God continue to richly bless you both in your work for Him.

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