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01 August 2007

Family, Friends, and Food (again!)

Lunch today was with Nelson and we had such fun. This was taken by a complete stranger, but she didn't mind and we were glad to have a souvenir of our visit. Nelson will always be the big brother I needed, even though I'm five years older. Not working outside the home since the accident has given me time with him and I'm so very thankful for that. He's a fantastic person and has such a beautiful heart. Can you tell I'm in love with him?

Before we left I managed to have a short visit with a dear friend, Ann Jennings, the manager of the gift area at our local Cracker Barrel. Ann and I go back many years and I taught her son, Kirk. She always makes me feel special and always keeps me informed of the sales at Cracker Barrel! Yes, not only do I love the food but I LOVE the gift store and have spent many hours and lots of dollars there! You just can't beat the Christmas sale!!! Okay, now you can forget I just said that! I don't want any of you to even dream of going to our Cracker Barrel the morning after Christmas! I'm sure Johnny will be glad you left it all for me. Of course it doesn't help that Christmas at our house is my very favorite time of the year!
Let me state it now~this weather is not cooperating with my love for Christmas and winter. I refuse to sweat, preferring instead to perspire. This humidity and heat makes that hard. I long for the cold. I pray for the snow. And I dare you to mention any more tales of your time at the Gulf!! To be so anti-heat, I sure picked the place NOT to live! Living in Denver was not only a beautiful place to live, but the temperatuars were great. I would've loved staying there, especially during these scorching months of July and August in central Alabama!

Friday, Deborah and I will be going to the 500 Mile Yard Sale that begins outside of Gadsden. We're excited and looking forward to this event. Southern Living has written about it several times, so we are going to see what the 27 Corridor looks like with yard sales lining the highway! I'll be back online Sunday night and update you with pics and posts of our time walking, shopping, laughing, and eating. Hmmm, three of my favorite things to do!! {And yes, you're right. It IS four things, but I only like the LAST three.}
To close out the evening, and this post, here's a picture taken yesterday during my outing with Jenny and her sons. While waiting for her to check out at Pier 1, I had a saleslady take a snapshot of Noah, Ian and me. Ian is standing in the stroller, hence his height!, and Noah just didn't care. It was a happy day and one for making heart memories. How many memories did you make today?
Oops, Johnny just called and he's on his way home. Time to go start supper! He worked overtime tonight, so he'll need more than a bowl of cereal. Normally, we eat around 4:30 and if it's later than that, we have cereal or maybe a sandwich. He'll be hungrier tonight, so I need to get something warm in the oven. Here's hoping your evening is a restful one and that you can find some quiet time. ~until

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