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17 October 2007

It's Halloween in Mississippi!

Stacey sent snapshots today of Austin and Alaina in their Halloween costumes. Of course, I have to show them to you! We weren't able to go see them this past weekend but hope to in the near future. It may simply be that we drive over, have pizza when everyone gets to Stacey's home, spend the night with Leslie, and leave coming back to Alabama the next morning. Not so much quantity time, but good quality time~and isn't that what's important? Here's the babes.

On another note, congratulations to a dear friend of mine, Lynne Griffies! Her son and his wife just had the first grandchildren~for both sides! Can you grandmothers out there remember what it felt like when that happened to you! I know that Johnny and I were over the moon when Stacey told us one Christmas trip that their 'junk room' would be a nursery. The following Mother's Day, Jenny gave me a card saying "I'm pregnant!" at the bottom! Christmas 2004 we had two grandsons to shop for, snuggle on, and ooh-and-ah over. Now it's Lynne and Allen's turn. The fun has just begun for them~

I love this time of year. Now, if it would just get cooler. And stay that way! La Nina apparently has a warmer and dryer winter ahead for us. Rats. I much preferred her brother, El Nino. The rest of my week is going to be filled with family, girlfriends, and food. Some of my very favorites! Here's hoping your week is filled with much the same~until,

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