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21 October 2007

Family & Fall

It's October and one of my favorite times of the year. Next to Winter, I truly enjoy the days of Fall. In central Alabama, we're blessed with changing colors and temperature changes. It's hard to imagine being happy where the weather is always the same. Now, I wouldn't mind living where you can count on enough snow to make a difference and summer temps that never get above 75 degrees!

I lived in Aurora, Colorado for awhile during the fall/winter season and absolutely loved it! Had conditions been different, I really think I'd have stayed and made a life there. I learned to snow ski and that it was possible to have snow on Mother's Day! And the Rockies ~ wow. If you've never seen them, you've missed a treat. They are so different from our Smokies, the two are not even comparable. It's one of my dreams to take Johnny to Snowbird, Utah one winter to see the view from a condo. Breathtaking view. Great food. Awesome.

Jenny took the picture this afternoon after lunch. A breeze caught my skirt and it looks like the crinolines I used to wear many, many years ago. I think this picture will become one of my very favorites of us. Me, and this man I love.

The week is already looking busy, but fun. The Holiday Market is this week and I have plans for that. Should be lots of fun!! It will be at Garrett Coliseum so parking won't be a problem and there's to be over 100 vendors!! This event just continues to grow. Prattville will have their Mistletoe Market November 2-3 this year at the Doster Center. Jenny and I have a tradition of going each year and then out to lunch. The good Lord willing, we'll do it again this year too!

I'll be posting a few other pictures that were taken today, but wanted to give Jen the chance to post them on her blog first. I hope your week will be filled with laughter and memory making moments. Until another time~


Jenny Maddox said...

This is a really great picture of y'all.

Nancy Hood said...

Thank you! You took it :)