And the sound this week is~

a few of my easy listening favorites~

29 October 2007


I'm home! I've been away for the weekend, but am home and getting settled in. A bit too tired for details, but I'll fill you in tomorrow~now it's time for some pizza, catch up on reading the papers, a hot shower, and a long nap! {Hope YOUR weekend was as much fun as mine! Can't wait to tell you about it!!} Here's a hint!


Leah said...

Without even knowing what you did, the HINT makes me JEALOUS!! Can't wait to hear!

Susanne Goodin said...

I heard that the Harvest Festival was a huge success. Mr. McQueen from Millbrook Middle was telling me that his family went. We are all so busy, but it looks like you were able to enjoy the beach last weekend. Good for you! Have a great week.