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02 October 2007

Family & Falling Leaves

I saw this picture of an old greeting card and thought it quite odd that it shows leaves from our fall season, yet there are Christmas wishes noted. Makes me wonder where this card originated and who it was sent to~

Sitting at our local Cracker Barrel the other morning I began looking at the vintage shots of wedding couples and wedding parties as I waited on my breakfast. They were actual shots and I thought it sad that somehow these tintypes had gotten away from the family. Now I realize that one can't hold on to things forever, but at one time these couples were real and loved and laughed and cried just as I do. Now they're only pictures in a store and memories in, maybe, a family bible.

The weather is cooler and the leaves are beginning to fall at my house! And NOT because of the drought. They're turning colors and drifting down onto our deck. This is one of my favorite seasons and I wouldn't miss it for the world. So, "Greetings and Christmas Wishes"!

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