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22 October 2007

Limes & Smiles

I love baked potatoes. And I love salads! So, about 20 minutes ago I decided to have both for an early supper. Got the potato in the microwave, got the butter and sour cream out. Now, you have to know that it's an unopened container of sour cream. When I popped the lid off, there's always another sealed wrapping to contend with. This particular wrapping, however, was different. It made a nice difference in my life and I hope it does yours~

The wrapping had the words, "When life gives you limes, rearrange the letters and give back a smile". I'm glad someone thought enough of the human race to do this. Someone wanted to pass on a smile. Now I've passed it on to you. It's your turn~


Nancy said...

I was reading Suzanne's story on her blog about her quads and my eyes jumped right to your comment - my maiden name was Nancy Hood! When I clicked on your profile I had to laugh. I taught second grade for years before I had children and we read the same books, watch the same movies, and listen to the same music!! It brought too many smiles to my face not to share with you. God bless you and your family.

Kristi said...

Nancy, I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog! I'm glad that there are people enjoying it. I love the music on your blog - maybe I need to do that too. Who am I kidding... I can't even get my silly slide show to play... :)

Nancy Hood said...

to Nancy~I tried going to your blog but only got your profile and no blog listed. That's so neat that we're so much alike! They say everyone has a twin!!

Susanne Goodin said...

Thanks for your comment! I only get comments from you - I am still learning how to navigate my new blog. I am so envious of your blog - I hope to spend time adding music and other things to mine this weekend.