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11 October 2007

Fairs, Food, Fun & Family

A quick post to share some photos I got from our daughter, Stacey, this morning. They recently went to Mississippi's State Fair and had such fun. Here's Alaina catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders. She's a daddy's girl~and Austin loves corn on the cob! Looks like someone is too busy to be posing for momma!

Here's a shot of brother and sister riding together in what, I'm sure, is the Kiddie section of the fair. All of the pictures Stacey sent don't have the grime and filthiness that I saw at our State Fair the last time I went. Maybe it's because they're in the kiddie part, maybe it's because it's daylight. Hopefully, it's not because Alabama has less pride. But I'll withdraw any criticism since I haven't been in a number of years. Pictures in the Advertiser, though, seemed to back up me up.

One of the shots of Austin brought to mind a shot of Ian. I've posted them both here in order to show Pa this evening when he gets home. Maybe somebody needs a horsie at their house! Austin is riding at the Fair and Ian was at a local outing downtown. Think there's a horse in the future of one or both?!

I am so in love with these children. Or have I said that already? Have a blessed day~

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