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01 November 2007

Friends, Fun

If you guessed that I was in Florida for sun and surf, you are WRONG! If, however, you guessed that I went with Lynne to help with the new twins, you win the door prize! I don't have pictures yet of our time there together, but here's shots of those sweet little babes in their coming home outfits! I helped the new mother with the 3:30 am feedings and Lynne got up with daddy for the 7:30 ones. Parents and babies are doing well and settling in fine. New grandmother, GiGi, is still there waiting on Papa. Thanks, Susan and Tony, for making my time with you so memorable. And thanks, Lynne, for being such an awesome friend. Next time you want to go to Panama City, call me!! I know the way!

Oh wait!! the rest of you don't know that inside joke, do you?! Well see, Lynne and I love to talk. And talk. And talk some more! And we had lots of catching up to do and with nine hours in a car, we thought we'd run out of conversation. NOT! In fact, we were so busy talking and laughing, we drove right under I-10 and never saw the entrance ramps!! We eventually stopped at a McDonald's to get some water, use the little girls room, and to ask 'just where in the world' we were! The manager informed us we were in Panama City. Yeah!!! Panama City!! And our eyes got just as big as yours just did. And we thought the same thing you just did. "How in the world did we end up in Panama City???" "I don't know", he said, "where did you wanna go?"

"I-10." "Oh, that's 50 miles back the other way." With our jaws still open, water bottles in hand, and a map out!!! we headed north to get on the CORRECT road. Coming home, Johnny called me like every hour to make sure I wasn't in Jacksonville, Pensacola, or Cuba. No wait, Cuba's an island. Hmmm, he really didn't have confidence in me, did he?! Needless to say, it was a blast and I wouldn't have missed it for the world~

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