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22 November 2007

Thanksgiving & a Birthday!!

It's birthday time in our family again! Not only is today Thanksgiving, but it's also Noah's first birthday. Our youngest grandson is one today. Makes us almost feel like we have no more babies. Hint, hint girls!

Jenny posted this picture of him in his little 'birthday' outfit. If you look closely, there's a cake with one candle on the bodice. There are more on their family site listed to the right. Noah is a love and full of affection and cuddling. I do so enjoy snuggling with him. Today at lunch he was honored with our traditional musical Birthday Mice and wanted to eat them instead of watching them twirl! I took a few pictures but they didn't turn out very well. I'll wait & see how Jen's turn out.

I hope all of you have had a warm and safe holiday. As Christians, we celebrate with thanksgiving every day, but it's nice to have a national holiday set aside to allow families to have some extra time away from work. The weather is much cooler than yesterday and still drizzly here at our house! I love it and intend to spend the rest of the day watching a movie and later I think I'll begin decorating for Christmas!! (Did I tell you it's my favorite time of the year?!)

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday, Noah James~

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