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22 November 2007

But of course!

Stacey posted some pictures tonight of Thanksgiving in Mississippi. The two darlings on the right are our Mississippi babies!! Austin and Alaina are snuggling with their older cousin, Abigail. Alaina will turn two in a couple of weeks and due to John's work schedule we won't be able to make the party, but we plan to celebrate soon with both her and her mother! Stacey has a birthday just a few days after sweet 'Laina.

Stacey also said they have their tree up! It isn't decorated, but the kids got excited with the tree just being there! Santa can't be far off! You can be assured as we go through the season and our girls send pictures I'll be posting some of them here. I have a leather envelope I carry in my purse to show off our babies, but consider this blog a place for me to brag. (I know you grandmothers out there will totally understand. Besides, it IS my blog. wink, wink!)

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