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04 November 2007

Jenny's family didn't make it for lunch, so I spent that time cleaning out our study. My sweet man put shelves in one of the closets for me and I finally took the time to clean out drawers, boxes, cabinets, and get them arranged so nicely in my 'new' space! But~

while doing so, I ran across an old suitcase that I had while growing up. Unlocking it opened a window to the past and I spent time reliving moments that are gone forever. Love notes, drawings, memorabilia, snapshots ~ you know what I'm talking about. Things you don't want to part with, but you wonder if you really need to hang onto them. After thinking about this, I decided~

I wanted to keep them. I carefully, and with love, placed it all back in the suitcase, and snapped it shut. It went on the top shelf in a corner. One day someone will go through it and know that their mother/grandmother was a young girl once with hopes and dreams. And they'll know she loved and was loved. And that yes, her dreams came true.

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