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08 November 2007

a mother's memories~

Jenny came over this morning with her sons and we worked on getting ready for a yard sale. Before we got started, we took time to visit. While Noah and I snuggled on the loveseat, Jenny and Ian got comfy looking through a Sears Wish Book that had come with today's Advertiser. Watching them look at the toys and listening as Ian told her what he wanted brought back such memories. I remember my little girl doing the very same thing. As much as time marches on, some things never change. Enjoy these moments, Jenny, and let them be written on your heart. One day you'll have the joy of watching Ian show his little girl the Sears Wish Book~

3 comments: said...

Can you start uploading pictures of us to shutterfly so that I can include them with our photo books? I love you!

Kelly said...

This made me tear up a little. My sister and I did the same thing. We'd go through and circle what we wanted. :o)

Leah said...

Love the pics!!