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13 November 2007

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

I wanted to wish our Jenny a very happy birthday today!! Actually she won't be 28 until around 10:30 tonight, but today is her day!!

The only time I can remember ever wanting to give her back was during her first five months. She had colic for five solid months!! And what crying there was! For her, as well as for me. But peace came on a visit to her grandparents in Palmetto, Georgia. Jen pulled up in the crib and was able to begin working off that gas in her tummy! She was a happy, smiling little girl after that and is still that way today. So here's heartfelt wishes to a beautiful young woman~

Happy Birthday, sweetheart, and thank you for so many memories. I wouldn't have missed this ride with you for the world~forever and a day, mommy
PS~You know I was only kidding about giving you back. You have always been a dream come true.

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