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29 November 2007

Faith, Family & Friends~forever

Today was rough. For awhile. A morning appointment was extremely difficult and I wanted to call it a day and head home to hide. A darkened room, my oh so comfy bed, and no one to bother me. BUT~

I had a brother in town and a daughter running errands and it was lunch time! It really wasn't a hard decision. We grow up with certain responsibilities. One of those is putting others first. And I take that very seriously, sometimes too much so. ANYWAY~

I called and made plans to meet Jenny in Prattville. I found Nelson in Montgomery and we chased each other up I-65. Jenny and her boys were already at Chick Fil A. Ian was having fun with a little friend in the playyard. And Noah? He was wondering where the food was! When it's meal time, that child reminds me of his mother. SO~

there was laughter, love, and promises of a better day. Walking up on my porch later, I realized I needed to change the decor. Fall was put away and Christmas came in its glory. The leaves were hosed off the patio and deck, the driveway swept clean, the furniture dusted off, and my swing relocated to take advantage of the last bits of summer heat. NOW~

my soul is renewed {working outdoors gave me hours of reflection and time with my Lord}; our outdoor rooms are refreshed {and the colors delight me}; and again, I was comforted by the fact that I had spent time with four people that love me dearly. THEN~

Johnny came in and all was right with the world.

{Well, okay. So not all of the spiders are gone, but the web's been taken care of for the moment.}

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Kelly said...

You seem so happily married. I hope I am that happy when I am a grandma. :o)