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20 February 2008

Still February!!

And I'm still celebrating!! I met Deborah Aldridge late this afternoon for a yummy meal at Ruby Tuesday where we spent two hours laughing, eating, and sharing!! Deborah taught across the hall from me at HES and is now retired. We have always been great friends but now, that I am not working, we're able to spend more time together. This has given us time to grow even closer and she is such fun to be with~so Deb, here's to many more birthday meals for both of us!!

Johnny has the next two days off and it's going to be so nice having him around! I was always the mommy that hated seeing school roll around because I enjoyed my girls so much! and I'm one of those wives that love having their men around! Now notice I didn't say 'having their men in their back pocket'! Johnny loves to hunt and loves to fish even more, so there's always many hours of alone time for both of us. And it works for us. But we have such fun together that I just know retirement with him will be a delight. We have many dreams and look forward to more of them coming true. What are your dreams? And what are you doing to make them come true?! I'll tell you about some of mine in a later post. For now, though, you can see some of them listed to the right and there are pictures (also on the right) towards the bottom of this page. Have a blessed evening!


Susanne Goodin said...

You know - one day when I have more time I am going to make a list of things I want to do! What a great idea! These days I am just trying to keep the energy to make it from day to day with all these busy children. All of their activities are fun, but can get exhausting :) I am so glad that you have had a Happy Birthday month - you deserve it!!

Nancy Hood said...

and one day I am going to meet Susanne Goodin!!!

Eric & Haley said...