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25 February 2008

Hold the Presses~

or maybe I should say, Make a Book! I was blog hopping tonight and went to The Adcock's page. Now, I don't know these people but they seem like a family I'd like to live beside. They are friends of friends I've met through Jenny. Aaannnyway! she found a site that will make a book from your blog!! I've wondered myself what would happen to these entries I've made with pictures, etc. should Blogger ever decide to shut down!! Surely not!! But things do happen. So I have bookmarked this site and intend to do just this. A book per year, I think. Thought some of you that enjoy blogging as much as I do might like knowing this~And if you don't care about this, well, come back tomorrow. Maybe you'll enjoy that one!

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Susanne Goodin said...

WOW - what a great idea! I am going to have to do this. The kids will love to have these to look back through. What a neat idea - thanks for the tip! I hope you are feeling better!