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18 February 2008

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday! and it's been a really nice one. Johnny took me out to eat, and although he had to go on in to work I did get some time with Jenny and her family. Ian was asleep when I got there, but his eyes got so wide when he saw me that I just fell in love all over again. He said, "Nan, I was wanting you to come see me on your birfday 'cause I got you a pwesent". And it was Seasons 1 and 2 of Dallas !!! I'm fixing to settle in with some munchies and start watching!! I can remember exactly where I was when I saw the first show. We were living in Aurora, CO and the hype leading up to the show that night was so heavy I'm sure every household had their channel set. And after that night, I wanted a black Mercedes convertible just like Pam's! ha ha Those were the days! Leaving Jenny's I had a message from Stacey and I got to hear Austin and Alaina saying "Happy Birthday, Nan!" and it made me homesick for them!! Got home and my mom had left an awesome bouquet of flowers by the backdoor!! and Leslie called asking if her flowers had made it here. (They didn't, but I loved the thought, Les!!) It's been an awesome day and a shout out to all of you that left me such sweet messages on MySpace and Facebook! It's nice to be remembered.

Johnny and I were out earlier this morning and drove over toward east Prattville. Police had all roads leading to the Walmart area blocked off and were checking ID to see if you lived there. But even from Hwy 82 you can see the damage. The Montgomery Advertiser has hundreds of pictures and several videos showing the extent of damage. We are all very thankful that there were no fatalities. The city of Prattville swiftly and efficiently put into effect their emergency plan and from what we've heard from friends that lost homes, cars, and those with minor damage help was on sight within mere minutes. Our phone line, from what Knology told John today, will be out indefinitely. Their station was hit hard and it's going to take time to repair it.
With cell phones, though, that's the least of worries. I'm sure the 200+ families involved out there just wish that was all they had to deal with. Please remember east Prattville in your prayers. I'm sure they can use them.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday again! I'm glad we got to spend a lot of it with you...even though I did put you to work ;) I love you!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday!! My wish for you is that you find more of yourself and enjoy every day!

Melissa Lester said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad your home was spared from damage from the tornado.

Leah said...

Happy Birthday (a day late!)Sounds like you had a great day!