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07 February 2008

Yay Huckabee! More Winter!!

Okay, so no one has commented on which blog they prefer. I am going to assume that it really doesn't matter to you and that it's now up to me as to which one I keep. I've also been playing around with another layout that I may put up for awhile. There are advantages to the three column but it can look confusing. To me, anyway.

We just heard that Romney has withdrawn! We liked him and would prefer him over McCain, but that means Huckabee is still in the running and we're so happy for that!! If you have a MySpace page, you can go to Huckabee's website and add him as a friend for updates, pledges, etc. Makes for good advertising, too, in case some of your friends are still undecided! I urge you to use your right as an American citizen and take a stand. Regardless what you think of my choice or I think of yours, we still need to be passionate of our system of free choice.

In other news, well, there isn't any. Both Johnny and I are still battling this coughing mess, headaches, and sneezing. It gets better, then it gets worse. Maybe if the weather would just stay one way for a week or so, we could get better-and stay that way!! Of course anyone that knows me, knows I just adore winter, so I'm voting for more cold weather!!!!


Leah said...

GO HUCKABEE! Did you try to call me yesterday? I saw your name on the Caller ID, but I didn't call back because there was not message and I hate it when I don't leave a message but someone calls back and says "I saw your name on the Caller ID!" So I try not to do that!!

Jon said...

I'm dealing with the cold-junk as well. Hang in there...get lots of rest, isolate yourself and overdose on Vitamin C!!!