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25 February 2008

Okay, so maybe~

About the time I think 'hey! I'm feeling better!' then I don't. Now I think I have a bladder infection. Yuck. Double yuck! Leslie recommended Uristat several years ago when I got one while visiting them in Mississippi. Ladies!! if you ever suspect a bladder infection and you can't get to a doctor, get it! You can buy it off the shelf!! At a phamacy!! Or Walmart!! Or Kmart or Target!! And it works!!! It takes those nasty urgings away!! Won't cure you, but you won't suffer with having to go every fifteen minutes! Now, nothing can make me feel worse than having a bladder infection. Well, maybe a raging sore throat. Okay, a yeast infection is also a downer for sure. But that's about it!! Right?! Ah well, for those of you that still have your uterus and your ovaries, then there's probably something just as bad. But I don't have all that stuff anymore!! Yay, me! And let me tell you, if no one else has informed you, it is soooo nice not to worry about that once a month thing anymore! When Jenny was much younger, she told me, "I want to have a boy and a girl and then a hysterectomy." After dying laughing, I told her it didn't quite work that way. And with all the innocence of youth, she asked why. Be nice if it could be that simple.

Wow, after telling you what could be just as bad, and then remembering what I don't have to worry about, I feel better! Thanks!! I needed that~
(Jen, you are so NOT going to believe this!, but when I went to Photobucket to look for a silly picture to match this post, I found this snapshot and immediately clicked on it. Guess what the name of the kid is that has fallen between the seat and the back?! Ian!!! The name of the picture is 'What happened to Ian'. Cracked me up!)


Kristen said...

ha! this picture made me laugh. Bless his heart!!
About the layouts, i did notice that not everything switches over and that is kind of annoying.Mine does not have alot of side bars so i'm okay but do let me know if you find out how to fix it. Oh and thanks for the music site!! Love ya! hope your having a good day.

Nancy Hood said...

I'll send you a site that showed me how to enlarge the side bars. It also has instructions for other things, too! I love you bunches!! and love checking in on your site!