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19 February 2008

Still celebrating!

And the birthday celebration continues! When I came in from Jenny's yesterday evening, I found roses by the backdoor from my mom! They are beautiful and it was so good talking to her last night~I just hate I missed her visit! Today, a man called at 8 am (waking us up!) to say he had flowers that were to have been delivered yesterday, but Hwy 82 was blocked so he couldn't get through (due to storm debris). He brought them out this afternoon and they were from Leslie!! And they are beautiful, too!! The last time I remember having this many floral arrangements in the house was when I was hospitalized! and I'm not even sick! ha ha

There have been cards in the mailbox every day, messages on the answering machine, and notes left on Facebook and MySpace. A dear, dear friend from north Alabama called and I got to catch up with her this afternoon (Sandygirl, I do so miss being with you) and it's just been a really great month thus far. And I know it'll only get better. Aren't birthdays fun?!


Eric & Haley said...

Im glad you had such a great birthday! You are wonderful person!

Leah said...

Your flowers are beautiful!