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18 February 2008

A Day with Best Friends

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about my Saturday! Two of my bestest friends, Lisa McMichael and Kay Mayfield, came to Prattville and we spent the day together!! It was such fun. We shopped for Lisa's guest room and Kay's living room, and I didn't spend a dime! ha ha (Don't get too happy about that, Johnny Hood, I saw several items I want to go back for!) Lisa paid for my lunch at Chili's!!! YYYYUUUUMMM and Kay paid for my dinner at Pablano's! Again, YYYUUUMMM We laughed and shopped and ate, laughed and shopped and ate. We hit Prattville, Montgomery, and Southern Homes. It was a true treat. AND another bestest friend, Deborah Aldridge, is taking me out this Wednesday!! Am I loved or what?! I was supposed to go tonight with four friends from our congregation that also have February birthdays and we were going to celebrate at Applebee's. Sadly Applebee's was damaged in the storm and the area is locked down after dusk, so that will have to be shelved until next year. But we sure would've had a good time!!

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